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기사 (전체 25건)
2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei
TKDNews  |  2017-08-30 11:21
Beside the Arena at Muju Championships
TKDNews  |  2017-06-25 20:47
2017 WTF General Assembly
TKDNews  |  2017-06-24 15:07
2017 WTF Council Meeting
TKDNews  |  2017-06-24 14:52
Who will win? Special training gymball training for the new regulation.
Gymball pushing training in the ‘2017 Para Taekwondo National Team Intensiv...
TKDNews  |  2017-04-03 12:04
“Let’s kick once more!” Hak-sung Lee’s repeated kicks.
“Let’s kick once more!” Hak-sung Lee bites it down in the speed kick traini...
TKDNews  |  2017-04-03 12:02
Poomsae Leader Chang-beom Lee, ‘Upper-body training’.
Chang-beom Woo chins up at the Korea Sport & Olympic Council’s Icheon Paral...
TKDNews  |  2017-04-03 12:01
‘Try it this way’, Coach Byeong-gi Kim’s passionate instruction.
Coach Byeong-gi Kim personally shows a kick in explaining his instruction a...
TKDNews  |  2017-04-03 12:00
VIP Board-breaking Ceremony for the Sucess of the World Taekwondo Championships
The VIPs including the President of the World Taekwondo Federation Chung-wo...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-22 10:47
K-Tigers and Flying Sidekick
A member of the K-Tigers showed a flying sidekick at the ‘2017 Muju World T...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-22 10:46
Actress Taemi’s advanced kick into the air
Actress-turned Taekwondo athlete Taemi performed on stage at the ‘2017 Muju...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-22 10:45
Exciting Korean music and dance performance at the D-100
Jeonbuk Provincial Art Company ...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-22 10:42
Rio Gold Medalist So-hui Kim, Joyous with the Coach
So-hui Kim (Korea Gas Corporation) hugs her coach Won-jae Lee in joy. On Fe...
TKDNews  |  2017-02-22 19:31
Strength and Spirit of Stallion, Highschooler Goong-hwan Nam
Highschooler Goong-hwan Nam (Pung Saeng High), of Male ?80kg in the 2017 Na...
TKDNews  |  2017-02-22 17:07
Smiling after securing the ticket to the 2017 Muju World Taekwondo Championships, Hyeri Oh
Rio Olympic Gold Medalist Hyeri Oh won the ticket to the 2017 Muju World Ta...
TKDNews  |  2017-02-22 11:29
‘Smiling Gam-jum’, Korea Taekwondo Association’s Senior Referee’s good sense
A referee gave a ‘gam-jum’ with a soft smile in the 2017 National Team Sele...
TKDNews  |  2017-02-22 11:28
Safety and emergency medical coats inserted for the athlete
In the 2017 National Team Selection for the Male ?80kg on February 21, Yong...
TKDNews  |  2017-02-22 11:26
Jae-young Shim, Proven ?46kg Powerful, Joins Taereung
Victor Jae-young Shim (Korea National Sport University) in the Female ?46kg...
TKDNews  |  2017-02-22 11:01
New CEO, Hong Sung Chun. Welcome to World Taekwondo people at the Hanmadang
Hong Sung-chun, the chairman of the World Taekwondo Hanmadang, who was elec...
TKDNews  |  2017-01-31 22:20
'This is Indonesia Taekwondo skill' Hanmadang Group Poomsae Championship.
'The World Taekwondo Hanmadang', a world's largest taekwondo festival st...
TKDNews  |  2017-01-31 22:19
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