Update : Saturday, February 24, 2018
기사 (전체 347건)
‘Game Fixing’, Sugar Coated as Kindness and Concession
Individuals refer to it as an act of goodwill, as a concession and, of all, for the greater good. Whether goodwill or ju...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-16 11:15
IOC Chairman, Recipient of Honorary Doctorate from KNSU
His Excellency Thomas Bach, the Chairman of International Olympic Committee...
John Ahn  |  2017-03-15 02:20
Global Camp with Cadets from 10 Countries at Taekwondo-won
Academy cadets from 10 different countries train with the Korean youth at t...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-14 13:46
Uncovering the Hidden Techniques of the Hand
‘Lay down the prejudice that Taekwondo purely consists of kicks!’ A seminar...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-13 16:16
[영상] 신의 손과 함께하는 테이핑-손목 편
태권도신문  |  2017-03-12 17:43
Kukkiwon, Plans 6th Poom Conversion Refresher Course
Kukkiwon plans to hold its 6th Poom Conversion Refresher Course for the fir...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-12 12:03
Taekwondo Undergraduates Decreased by 40%
Kukkiwon’s Research Institute of Taekwondo, ‘2017 Investigation on Taekwond...
John Ahn  |  2017-03-10 10:38
Taekwondo-won, Evaluated ‘Excellent’ by Korea Sport Promotion Foundation
Taekwondo Promotion Foundation (TPF) has received an ‘Excellent’ evaluation in use of the funding allocated by the Korea...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-10 10:36
Good Looking Dae-hun Lee and Hyeri Oh, Honorary Ambassadors for Muju World Championships
Facade of Korean Taekwondo in their good looks, Dae-hun Lee (26, Korea Gas ...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-10 10:36
Kukkiwon and Anyang City Cooperates for ‘2017 World Taekwondo Hanmadang’
Kukkiwon’s President Oh Hyun-deuk and Anyang City’s Mayor Phil-un Lee signe...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-10 10:33
‘2017 World Cadet Taekwondo Championships’ in Egypt
The venue of the ‘World Cadet Taekwondo Championships’ for the world’s yout...
John Ahn  |  2017-03-08 19:12
KTA, Divided on Disciplinary Measure for Employee··· Chairman of Personnel Committee Announces Resignation
The meeting of the Korea Taekwondo Association’s Personnel Meeting requested by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Touri...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-08 17:52
A Walk on the Awakening of the Early Spring
Spring has yet to show itself. The winter’s final cold breeze as a weapon b...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-06 15:04
The Clash of the New and Powerful, ‘2017 National New Face Championships’
The ‘National New Face Championships’, where one scouts for the diamonds in...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-06 10:03
National Team’s Coaching Staff Selection Complete
Korea Taekwondo Association (KTA) completed its organization of the 2017 Na...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-03 16:12
‘2017 Junior Taekwondo National Team’ Determined
The ‘Asian Junior Taekwondo (Poomsae) National Team Final Selection’ had fi...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-03 16:10
Yeo-Gyeong Yun: Appointed to the Board of Directors of the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee
The President of Daejeon Taekwondo Association was appointed to the 40th Bo...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-03 10:55
Hosting Country: Champions of the Egypt Open
Egypt takes the overall victory at the ‘Egypt Open Taekwondo Championships’...
John Ahn  |  2017-03-02 15:36
Jae-duk Sunwoo, Appointed Honorary Ambassador for 2017 Muju World Taekwondo Championships
With only 4 months left until the opening of the ‘2017 Muju World Taekwondo...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-02 14:04
‘Veteran’ Young-jin Lim, Command of the Para Taekwondo National Team
Young-jin Lim, a teacher at the Sinheung Middle School, was selected to lea...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-02 13:33
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