Update : Saturday, February 24, 2018
기사 (전체 51건)
National Team Selection for the Asian Junior Taekwondo Championships, Begins on Feb. 25
National Team Selection for the Asian Junior Taekwondo Championships in Mar...
TKDNews  |  2017-02-17 15:05
Opening of the 12th Jeju Peace Cup National Taekwondo Championships
The 12th Jeju Peace Cup National Taekwondo Championships held its opening c...
TKDNews  |  2017-02-15 10:28
2017 Muju World Taekwondo Championships, Next National Stars?
Dae-hun Lee (Male, -63kg) from 2013 World Taekwondo Championships, Puebla, ...
TKDNews  |  2017-02-14 15:54
Deductions at the 2017 National Team Selection?
A penalty for lightly raising and lowering the leg (an additional point to ...
TKDNews  |  2017-02-13 19:10
Poomsae prospect Kim Yu-ha, on top of US Open
Korean poomsae prospect Kim Yoo-ha (3rd grader of Hyosa junior high school)...
TKDNews  |  2017-02-08 17:55
Taekwondo 'push' allows the front ... Notice of change in competition style
The opponent is pushed and scored. If you push hard, you get 1 point. Taekw...
TKDNews  |  2017-02-01 17:12
London chosen as host city for World Para Taekwondo Championship
London has won the right to host the 2017 World Para-Taekwondo Championships ? the first time Britain has staged the pre...
TKDNews  |  2017-01-13 14:51
Lee Dae-hoon, Oh Hye Ri Taekwondo World Grand Prix Final Winners
Lee-Dae-hoon (left), won the game in the men's -68kg final. ...
TKDNews  |  2016-12-12 15:08
Taekwondo 'TOP16' in Baku ... GP Final starts on the 9th
Mexico Grand Prix Final 2015 16 top ranked players in Taek...
TKDNews  |  2016-12-08 15:35
Korea Taekwondo male Youth, On top of the world
Jeong Chan-ho's game scene selected as a male MVP. Korea ...
TKDNews  |  2016-11-21 16:16
Oh Hye Ri, a colorful golden kick from Rio
Oh Hye Ri won another gold medal in Taekwondo in the Korean women's -67kg ...
TKDNews  |  2016-08-20 16:51
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