Update : Saturday, February 24, 2018
기사 (전체 95건)
Taekwondo Undergraduates Decreased by 40%
Kukkiwon’s Research Institute of Taekwondo, ‘2017 Investigation on Taekwond...
John Ahn  |  2017-03-10 10:38
Taekwondo-won, Evaluated ‘Excellent’ by Korea Sport Promotion Foundation
Taekwondo Promotion Foundation (TPF) has received an ‘Excellent’ evaluation in use of the funding allocated by the Korea...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-10 10:36
Good Looking Dae-hun Lee and Hyeri Oh, Honorary Ambassadors for Muju World Championships
Facade of Korean Taekwondo in their good looks, Dae-hun Lee (26, Korea Gas ...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-10 10:36
Kukkiwon and Anyang City Cooperates for ‘2017 World Taekwondo Hanmadang’
Kukkiwon’s President Oh Hyun-deuk and Anyang City’s Mayor Phil-un Lee signe...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-10 10:33
‘2017 World Cadet Taekwondo Championships’ in Egypt
The venue of the ‘World Cadet Taekwondo Championships’ for the world’s yout...
John Ahn  |  2017-03-08 19:12
KTA, Divided on Disciplinary Measure for Employee··· Chairman of Personnel Committee Announces Resignation
The meeting of the Korea Taekwondo Association’s Personnel Meeting requested by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Touri...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-08 17:52
National Team’s Coaching Staff Selection Complete
Korea Taekwondo Association (KTA) completed its organization of the 2017 Na...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-03 16:12
Yeo-Gyeong Yun: Appointed to the Board of Directors of the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee
The President of Daejeon Taekwondo Association was appointed to the 40th Bo...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-03 10:55
Jae-duk Sunwoo, Appointed Honorary Ambassador for 2017 Muju World Taekwondo Championships
With only 4 months left until the opening of the ‘2017 Muju World Taekwondo...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-02 14:04
‘Veteran’ Young-jin Lim, Command of the Para Taekwondo National Team
Young-jin Lim, a teacher at the Sinheung Middle School, was selected to lea...
TKDNews  |  2017-03-02 13:33
Chairman Sung Chun Hong, Meeting with the Local Leadership
The Kukkiwon’s Chairman of the Board of Directors Sung Chun Hong held the i...
TKDNews  |  2017-02-27 17:30
UAE Crown Prince Empowers Refugees Through Taekwondo
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Fujairah Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamad ...
John Ahn  |  2017-02-27 16:54
World Championships Triple Jong Ki Kim, Newly Selected as General Director of the National Team
58-year-old Jong Ki Kim, who achieved Triple at the World Taekwondo Champio...
TKDNews  |  2017-02-27 10:18
‘My Son Is Puberty’, a Taekwondo movie opens in Feb.
‘My Son Is Puberty’, a warm-hearted family comedy with Taekwondo theme, wil...
TKDNews  |  2017-02-19 17:25
Rio Olympics Gold Medalist So-hui Kim, Coca-Cola Rookie of the Year Award
So Hui Kim (Korea Gas Corporation) was awarded the Coca-Cola’s Rookie of th...
TKDNews  |  2017-02-15 15:17
Minister of Interior Yun-sik Hong, Taekwondo-won Visit
The Minister of Interior Yun-sik Hong visits the Taekwondo-won. During his ...
TKDNews  |  2017-02-14 16:38
Kukkiwon, 347 Appointees to the Technical Committee
Kukkiwon finished organizing this year’s Technical Committee. On February 1...
TKDNews  |  2017-02-14 11:59
Ko Refuses to Give Up Illegitimate Trademark
Mr. Ko decides to appeal for his loss of illegitimate claim to the Kukkiwon...
TKDNews  |  2017-02-14 11:05
2017 Muju World Taekwondo Championships, 4 months ahead
Related organizations are busy moving ahead of the '2017 World Cup Taekwond...
TKDNews  |  2017-02-08 17:52
Chung Chang-soo, President of Korea Tourism Organization, Honorary 6th rank in Taekwondo
Chung Chang-soo, president of Korea Tourism Corporation, has become the 6th...
TKDNews  |  2017-02-08 17:48
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