Update : Thursday, December 14, 2017
기사 (전체 44건)
Bianca Walkden, Daehoon Lee named Player of Year at 2017 WT Gala Awards
Dae-hoon Lee of Korea and Bianca Walkden of Great Britain were named the Be...
TKDNews  |  2017-12-06 17:11
Dae-hoon Lee captures third consecutive GP Final title… Jade Jones wins 3th gold
Korean Taekwondo legend Dae-hoon Lee wrote new history. He won an unprecede...
TKDNews  |  2017-12-06 11:02
Olympic hero, Ivory Coast's Cissé claims gold at WT Grand Prix Final
Ivory Coast's Cheick Sallah Cissé, who won the Ivory Coast's...
TKDNews  |  2017-12-04 18:12
Golden Point Yunfei GUO qualify for WT Grand Slam
2014 Incheon Asian Games gold medalist Yunfei GUO of China has qualified fo...
TKDNews  |  2017-11-29 11:11
2017 WT Grand Slam, Chance to win $7million!
The Wuxi 2017 World Taekwondo Grand Slam Champions Series(2017 WT Grand Sla...
TKDNews  |  2017-11-21 08:42
Kukkiwon presents eight types of ‘Adult Yougupja Poomsae’
Eight types of Adult Yougupja(Kup-grade) poomsae developed by Kukkiwon have...
TKDNews  |  2017-11-17 20:12
Poomsae competition rules presented for Asian Games… New poomsae to show
World Taekwondo(WT) has presented the 18th Asian Games Jakarta-Palembang 20...
TKDNews  |  2017-11-13 09:56
2017 Kimunyong Cup International Open Taekwondo Championships ends
2017 Kimunyong Cup International Open Taekwondo Championships endsWT G1 san...
TKDNews  |  2017-11-02 11:23
GB women's team wins 3 golds in London 2017 WT Grand Prix3
Team Great Britain(GB) dominated the London 2017 World Taekwondo Grand Prix...
TKDNews  |  2017-10-30 10:58
Jeju to host Korea Open International Taekwondo Championships
Jeju Island will host the 2018 Korea Open International Taekwondo Champions...
TKDNews  |  2017-10-30 10:46
Dae-hoon Lee takes 5rd straight Grand Prix title
Dae-hoon Lee, an elite Taekwondo player, took 5rd straight Grand Prix title...
TKDNews  |  2017-10-20 17:04
Taekwondo makes its 7th consecutive appearance in Paris Olympics
Taekwondo was adopted as an official sport in the 2024 Paris Olympics. The ...
TKDNews  |  2017-10-16 09:41
Taekwondo Poomsae Competition Come to 2019 Pan Am Games in Lima, Peru
Taekwondo poomsae competition will make its first-ever appearance at the Pa...
World Taekwondo  |  2017-10-10 11:27
A Poomsae world beater is South Korea, Summer Universiade
South Korea’s Poomsae team raise its status by winning a total of four meda...
Taipei City, Taiwan=TKDNews  |  2017-08-30 10:57
Dae-hoon Lee makes the perfect revenge match in Moscow GP
A Taekwondo Titan, Dae-hoon Lee(KOGAS, Korea) took the gold medal with perf...
TKDNews  |  2017-08-16 18:46
Kyungmin wins its first gold medal in Hanmadang
Kyungmin University, Hyun-tae Kwak and 12players, rose to the top at the se...
TKDNews  |  2017-08-16 18:37
Team Korea Reclaims Joint Victory at the World Championships
At the 2017 Muju World Taekwondo Championships held in the home country of ...
Muju=Ryu Ho gyeong  |  2017-07-07 21:35
So-hui Kim: Discouraged after wrongful decision
So-hui Kim failed to advance into the semifinals as a result of a wrongful ...
TKDNews  |  2017-06-27 14:44
Kim, Gold Medal at Muju!
Korean Star Tae-hun Kim (M-54kg) won his third gold medal at the 2017 Muju ...
TKDNews  |  2017-06-26 00:15
Decent start for the Championships
It is a fresh start. Tae-hun Kim (ROK, M-54kg) is challenging his third con...
TKDNews  |  2017-06-24 16:02
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