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Taiwan Taekwondo Godfather “Inverse feelings? Yang Shu Chun moment when ...”
Taiwan National Team Leader Ryo Ching Won's is watching the final game of the national team final at the National Sports Center of Muju in Jeonbuk Province on November 11.o watch the century. It is desirable to lead the students to the shore, not to the front but to the far side.

"Taiwan Taekwondo Godfather","Holding Taekwondo in Taiwan" are a modifier to the Taiwan Taekwondo Team General Manager (63) Ryo Ching Won's name.

Ryo Ching Won's led the growth of Taekwondo in Taiwan for 40 years, starting with the coaching of the national team at the first Asian Taekwondo Championships in 1974.

As a leader, he has won two gold medals at four Olympic Games, won numerous medals at various international competitions such as the Asian Games and World Championships, and has taken Taiwan to a Taekwondo powerhouse. Taekwondo popularity in Taiwan is more than you can imagine in Korea.

Ryo Ching Won ?visited the National Sports Center in Muju, South Jeonbuk Province on the 9th of last month. This is because the national finalists were held for two days on the 10th and 11th.

"I want to give out grades of happiness and hope to Taiwan people in the 2014 Incheon Asian Games and the 2016 Brazil Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games", said Ryo Ching Won, general manager of the Taiwanese national team who met at the Muju National Sports Center on November 11.

Regarding the negative feelings of Yang Su-jun's disqualification at the time of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, he emphasized, "I've been there for a while but mostly like Korea."

The following is an answer.

When did you come to Korea? What brings you here?

- I came in on the 9th, but it is a 4 day and 3 nights. I came to Korea to learn about national team selection contest.

Did you learn a lot?

- I was impressed that the Korean players are very stable. It is excellent in all aspects of judgment, ability to control distance, defense ability after attack. When I enter Taiwan, I am planning to combine these parts.

There will also be many disadvantages. If you point out the disadvantages of Korean players?

- Because I came to learn, I saw only the advantage rather than the disadvantage. I also watched which weight was strong and weak. In particular, I looked at the lightweight class more closely. Men-63kg grade Dae-hoon Gyeonggi-do, also saw the new players. Everybody has good speed and centering.

Taiwan is participating in the 6th weight class at the recently held Youth Olympic qualifying round and Taiwan has won five weight classes. Korea, on the other hand, won only one. Rather, should not Korea learn in Taiwan?

- I can not evaluate the national representative of the country with one of the Youth Olympic grades. Taekwondo has changed the technology since the adoption of the Olympic Games. Especially, the strongness of Europe was remarkable. But it is still not enough to catch up with Korea 's know - how. Second method of operation is the best. So Taiwan still prefers Korean coaches.

If you are evaluating the introduction of Electronic Scoring System?

- The fairness of judgment has secured to some extent. It is true that the interest is lost. There was a change of movement such as attack and defense. In other words, there are moves to make Taekwondo games such as carts uneasy, while the authentic kicks are disappearing. There are many cases of losing without good luck even if technology is good. It is a pity.

If you have to choose between Electronic Scoring System and general Scoring System?

- Of course it is an Electronic Scoring System. Already the Electronic Scoring System is preferred in all countries. Also, the fairness of judgment in sports is important. However, wearing an Electronic Scoring System can make a game interesting enough. The way to do that is to make the rules fun.

What type of Electronic Scoring System do you usually use for training in Taiwan?

-KP&P and Two Electronic Scoring System, which is certified by the World Federation are used alternately. Then, confusion comes. Unity of Scoring System is necessary.

Are there any special training methods in Taiwan alone?

- There is no such thing. However, it is important to hold various open competitions such as World Championships and Asian Championships, but all training plans will be made in accordance with Asian Games and Olympics. When the Incheon Asian Games are over, the training plan will be focused on the Rio Olympics. The goal is always higher than last competition.

Taiwan is known to pay a lot of rewards to athletes who have won various international competitions such as the Olympics.

- It will pay 700 million won for the winner of the Olympic Games and 100 million won for the winner of the Asian Games.

Yang Shujun (-49 kg), who was a Taiwanese women's representative at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, was disqualified for attaching a sensor to the heel of the electronic foot guard. It was because the Korean referee intervened, the protesters fought against Taiwan, burning the Taegeukgi, and shouting "Korean things". Still feel bad about Korea?

- Most Taiwanese have a positive impression of Korea's economic growth. I prefer Korean cars and mobile phones. In addition, more and more people are watching the drama and following the Korean culture. I have been in Korea for a while but I still like Korea.

Taiwan National Team Leader Ryo Ching Won's is watching the final game of the national team final at the National Sports Center of Muju in Jeonbuk Province on November 11.o watch the century. It is desirable to lead the students to the shore, not to the front but to the far side.

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