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Harmony of art and technology, integrated performance ‘Robot Namu’
A scence from the integrated project performance 'Robot Namu', released on March 27.

‘Robot Name’, the performance with the integration of various parts of professional technology and art, has come onto the stage.

There opened a VIP Invitation Robot Namu performance in Theater Yong, National Museum of Korea at 2 pm on March 27. The integrated project performance ‘Robot Namu’ is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism, supervised by the Korea Creative Content Agency and co-produced by DPI, SRHNC and SysTech.

The performance has its story with a girl who travels in search of the sound of life in the machine-dominated wasted world. Many products of various innovative technology may be seen in an hour-long performance. The actors peformed with wearable robots along with appearance of drones?also as actors.

Sori Choi, a sound researcher, plays his percussion instruments in the 'Robo Namu' performance.

Sori Choi, a sound research, added onto the excitement in the performance with his musical excellence. The exquisite expression of the story and play of various percussion instruments altogether with the performance by the actors united to perfection.

“Technology in performance had been limited. More effort will be put into the performance for better delivery. I hope to get an answer through the humanistic communication in this work,” said Dong-il Lee, the head of DPI 21C Art Management Research Center.

Louis-Philippe Demers, an associate professor at the Nanyang Technological University, who had developed the wearable robot, explained his difficulty and stated, “I designed the semi-robot to be wearable for the performance. I was concerned with creating a robot that may perform as an actor.”

Tae-sung Kim, an actor, said, “I was doubted the possibility of this kind of performance. Having come this far, I am thankful and proud to have completed a new challenge as an actor.”

DreamPark International, DPI, Nanyang Technological University, Seogang University Art & Technology, Supreme, SysTech and SRHNC collaboratively worked on this project over nine months with an investment of six-hundred-million Korean from the Korean government. The performance will show from March 28 to 31 at 8 pm.

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