Update : Saturday, February 24, 2018
World Taekwondo Federation, there is no principle, only preference
The World Taekwondo Federation is controversial about looking at a certain company ahead of the signing of the contract with the Electronic Scoring System.

The controversy began when the World Taekwondo Federation reported to the executive committee held in Burnaby, Canada on April 14, including companies that have failed to pay hundreds of millions of euros in Electronic Scoring System for the 2017 World Taekwondo Championships and Grand Prix events.

In January last year, the World Taekwondo Federation signed a two-year official contract with two Electronic Scoring System companies A and B, and the contract ends at the end of this month. The company B has signed a four-year contract, but the company A is not yet signing a new contract. Still, the World Taekwondo Federation has already finished assigning next year's tournaments with the Electronic Scoring System of A and B companies. In addition, the company A who has not paid the bill for hundreds of millions of won is included in the next year's tournament assignment and reported to the executive committee.

When the World Taekwondo Federation reported to the executive committee that it planned to allocate the contest next year, the company A did not keep its promise to pay for the long term and did not hesitate to report that the accreditation fee of hundreds of millions of won has not been paid. Of course, there is no other way to get into the controversy about viewing a company.

In the meantime, the World Taekwondo Federation announced plans to allocate various tournaments to the Executive Committee next year through SNS, and the company A, which has not paid a fee of hundreds of millions of won, has posted 'Executive Committee Report' on Facebook. The controversy of preferential treatment is likely to spread.

Sports have a certain set of rules for equipments used in the game as well as fair game operations. These rules include the duration and method of payment of the public fee. The World Taekwondo Federation shall follow the rules. That is the principle. It is highly pointed out that the World Taekwondo Federation does not observe the principle.

There is much public opinion that the World Taekwondo Federation can not understand the reason for concluding an official contract with A company that has not paid the official fee of hundreds of millions of won. As the situation suggests, some of the Taekwondo players are arguing that the World Taekwondo Federation should not enter into an official contract until the company completes the unpaid official fee.

It is pointed out that if the A company does not fully pay the balance and the World Taekwondo Federation concludes an official contract, it may be recorded as a case of pushing a specific company.

According to the World Taekwondo Federation, "A company must pay the unpaid public service fee in principle." If the company does not fully pay the public service fee, it is suggested that the company A will have a disadvantageous effect on the signing of an official contract in January next year.

The complaints of the company B who is faithfully paying the official fee are inevitably high. However, the World Taekwondo Federation is planning to conclude a contract with company A, which is a publicly traded company. It will not ease the noise around the world Taekwondo championship next year because it is using the Electronic Scoring System? of A company.

The company B said, "It is a problem to make an authorized contract in the same condition as a company that faithfully pays the official fee and a company that has not paid the accreditation fee of several hundred million won, but it is more serious to conclude a public contract without paying the official fee. Then who will pay the official fee? "

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