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Half-Korean Taekwondo athlete Seo Tanya, dreams of Hyeri Oh

Tanya Seo has been attracted to Taekwondo for over nine years ever since she had followed her brother to a Taekwondo dojang at seven years old.

She earned her first gold medal at the ‘2015 National Youth Taekwondo Championships’ in Yeongwol, Gangwon Province in her elementary school years. After graduating from Sudong Elementary School in Hamyang, she moved onto the prestigious Daejeon Physical Education Middle School to be reborn as a true athlete.

Third-year middle school student, Tanya Seo, rose to the top, grasping her gold medal, upon easily beating her opponents, Patricia Park (Anyang Buheung Middle School) and Sung-geul Park (Jeonju Yanggi Middle School) in the L-Welter weight category of female middle school division.

She is a rising star at Daejeon Physical Education Middle School. Beside her competitiveness, she is a prospective athlete with the ability to excel in both academics and sport (文武兼?) as she also contends for her first place in her class.

Born between her mother from Nova Scotia, Canada and Korean father, bright light shines from her eyes. Knowing her parents had donated English fairy tale books and CDs, one may tell that they had an influence on her to speak both Korean and English.

“It is wise to prepare for the future while pursuing life as an athlete. Taekwondo athlete must pursue academics as well,” she incisively responded in regard to keeping pace with her academics.

Even though Tanya Seo had earned her rightful second place at the ‘1st World Cadet Taekwondo Championships National Team Selection’, her future as an athlete seems more promising with recent progress in her skills.

Her risen-high-left-leg in side kick and roundhouse kick is the ultimate weapon to defeating her opponent in proximity. Of course, she will need to learn to ambidextrously use her legs for sustainable development beyond her specialty.

Tanya, with her beautiful light-brown-colored eyes that she inherited from her Canadian mother, overcomes her difficulties through Taekwondo as sport. “In the dorm, it is possible to argue with your peers, but it is necessary to stick together. Warm-heartedness is important,” said Tanya as if she had already understood the need of character from a martial artist.

There are high hopes for her aspiration to eventually become an athlete as excellent as the Rio Olympics Gold Medalist Hyeri Oh.

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