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Hologram performance ‘Kicks: Season 2’ released
Only woman actor Yuna in a scene.

The live holographic performance ‘Kicks: Season 2’ held its preview at its rehearsal hall.

Last Friday, April 7 at 2 pm, ‘Kick: Season 2’ held its performance preview with the highlight scenes and interview with the directors and actors at its rehearsal hall in Yeonji-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul.

‘Kicks: Season 2’ is a regular performance, which has been developed as a sequel to the ‘Modern Taekwondo Kicks’ with newer holographic art and story on Taekwondo, with the Korea Taekwondo Association’s Demonstration Team under the direction of Min-su Kim (music) and Jae-ik Oh (choreography). Just as its predecessor, its story is led by four main actors with other supporting actors.

Main actors, Kicken, Nowcot and Tornado along with only woman actor Yuna appear in the performance. On the day, ‘Kicken’s Training’, ‘Taekwondo practitioner’s training’, ‘Nowcot’s Appearance’ and ‘Meeting with Tornado’ were shown as the main four cuts of the performance.

Kicken, one who signifies the tradition of Taekwondo and trains in both mind and body, witnesses the world’s destruction by an unknown person. Special forces agent, Tornado hopes to help Kicken. These two with Yuna returns the world order against Nowcot, who absorbs the spirits of Taekwondo practitioners.

Nowcot absorbs all Taekwondo practitioners' energy.

Of many cuts shown, ‘Nowcot’s Appearance’ where he steals the spirits of Taekwondo practitioners by absorbing them and attacks Yuna has been memorable. Yuna’s attempt to free herself from Nowcot has ensured the audience that she is indeed the flower of the performance. But, it is uncertain how the live hologram will apply on the Taekwondo demonstrators in synergy with the performance as it has yet to be revealed.

Only woman actor Yuna.

The interview with Man-su Kim, Jae-ik Oh, Kicken (Min-gyu Yun), Yuna (Sae-bin Ryu), Nowcot (Ji-man Kim) and Tornado (Woo-jin Kim) had taken place after the main scences of the performance had been shown.

Music Director Man-su Kim (L), Choreographer Jae-ik Oh.

“Season 2 had changes its actors as much as the story unlike the original. Music, as well, has its differences with Season 1,” said Jae-ik Oh as he ensured that the Season 2 had more dynamics than its predecessor.

In describing the use of holographic images that reminds us of the movie “Matrix”, Director Oh said, “the integration of the hologram and Taekwondo was the concept, but there was a difficult in bring this into reality. The end of performance is the point to be made. I had thought that it would be better without the hologram, but I also thought that it will be better to use awesome holographic images if it was the mission to use holography.”

The exquisite movements of Taekwondo by the actors of ‘Kicks: Season 2’ shows exactly how much effort they had put into it.

“We had practiced the performances as happily and laughingly as possible, but there had been many injuries,” said the Director in complimenting the actors for their resilience and will.

‘Kick: Season 2’ had its regret even with the well-prepared music and choreography as a sequel. It had been the application of military martial arts in the main scene with Tornado. Director Oh responded to an inquiry about including the movements of military martial arts into the choreography of the performance, “I think that all that appears in the performance is Taekwondo. Although there had been dramatic variations, I tried not to steer away from Taekwondo.” But unlike ‘Taekwondo Modern Kicks’, the use of bayonet in combination with the military martial art and showing military individual combat exercise of ‘rolling left-and-right’ question the purpose of the performance, emphasizing the tradition of Taekwondo.

Meanwhile, ‘Kicks: Season 2’ was selected as a ‘Taekwondo Performance Project’ by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism that follows the previous performance ‘TAL’, which had performed with the collaboration of Taekwondo, Korean dance, B-Boys and percussion, to be released to the public as a sequel to its predecessor, ‘Modern Taekwondo Kicks’. ‘Kicks: Season 2’ as hosted by the KTA and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism and Korea Sport Promotion Foudnation is planned to open on April 20 at the K-Art hall on every Thursday and Friday at 8 pm and every Saturday at 11 am and 2pm. The ticket will be purchasable via Interpark and Yes24.

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