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Taekwondo PSS Unnecessary theory, why do you keep mentioning?
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A : When the headgear was attacked and it flew away, what if it does not score?
B : Haha. Are there a lot of such cases? The current regulation is ...

It is a question and answer about Taekwondo competition game rule, Who are A and B?

A is a Taekwondo Standing Judge certified by Korea Sports Council and B is a technical chairperson of the World Taekwondo Federation.

Regarding Taekwondo competition, it is necessary to understand why the top experts in the group have had such a ridiculous conversation.

On May 5th, Taekwondo Standing Referee Training was held at Korea Sports University. After completing the lecture about "Roles and Functions of Right Judgment" briefly, Jung Kook-hyun (Last Speaker of the First Day The World Taekwondo Federation Technical Committee Chairman) explained the new international rules that were revised this year at the request of the referees.

He mentioned the new regulations that only rely on electronic headgear without receiving any requests for head attacks. It is a different part of the regulations until this year to accept requests when there is a frontal strike of the face without sensor.

Instead, the contents which the score could be accepted was included if the referee counts. Coefficient is the act of counting the number when the athlete is judged to be dangerous, when the attacked player is stumbled or stumbled without attacking.

One of the judges who heart the explanation asked about the specific situation. It was a question of how to handle with an attack which does not recognize the score if the headgear turns around or it soars to the sky.

It's an attack enough to break the protective gear. Would the score not be recognized? But Jung president did not give a clear answer. This is because the current rules do not specify this situation.

It is funny that the electronic headgear, which normally responds to minor impacts, does not recognize a kick strong enough to get off the head. If you think about it, it is also embarrassing to include this situation in the game rules. If we put together the opinions of the players and referees who participated in the international games, this part often causes similar things to both WTF Company Products.

The Taekwondo Association of Korea allowed the referee to consult with the assistant referee and accept it as a strike when the headgear was pulled out or peeled off from the head. The instructions were made because the situation occurred.

The PSS(Protect Scoring System) was officially applied to the 2009 World Cup, World Championship. Even without development time, it is already used for 8 years.

At the time, many people hoped that with the introduction of the PSS, the competition would develop with accurate and fair scores. It was believed that when a missing part is found, it would improve over time. However, eight years later, the technology of? PSS and headgear were far behind other fields. In a time when the day develops differently, only PSS is a turtle pace.

This is a ridiculous PSS that does not even recognize the attack that the headgear is flying.

Because of this crappy machine, Taekwondo Competition Groups make regulations that do not have to be made, hear accusations that they do not want to hear, make excuses that do not have to be made, and hide many things that they do not need to hide.

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