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Fifth-term President Choue, “Respect is the way for taekwondo”Following the WTF Rules, the doors open for ITF

“Defeat was a concern,” he said out of composure.

World Taekwondo Federation President Chung-won Choue, who has been re-elected for the fifth time as the only runner on the ballot, proposed a new vision of “respected sport.”

Fifth-term President Choue (2nd from R).

On June 23 in the morning, the election for the new WTF President was held in the Muju National Sport Center.

Representatives from 156 out of 209 MNAs had taken a part in the election where President Choue won his fifth term.

As a blueprint for the WTF, the fifth-term President Choue proposed ‘A way to becoming a respected sport.’

“Having rooted as an Olympic sport, taekwondo must take a step further to become a sport that respects and is respected. Whenever I make a visit to the refugee camps through the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation which had started last year, it pains me. We must support the youth from the refugee camps with taekwondo to enable them to live as global citizens in pursuit of their bright future. Now, taekwondo must become a developing sport that contributes to humanity and peace, and WTF must become an organization that contributes to society,”said the President.

He also made a clear statement about the relations with the International Taekwondo Federation.

2017 WTF General Assembly and Council Elections.

President Choue said, “the doors are open as long as the WTF rules are abided. As early as this year, if not as late as next year, it is possible to begin a professional taekwondo competition. Even if an individual has not learned taekwondo, he or she may participate as long as he or she follows the WTF rules. It goes the same for the ITF. We are willing to open up to the Beach games and Para Taekwondo without any selectiveness in the category. I am willing to thoroughly cooperate with the ITF in its visit.”

Meanwhile, President Choue, who had been the interim President in his first term as result of President Un Yong Kim’s resignation in June, 2004, he recently succeeded his fifth term following his elections in 2005, 2009 and 2013.

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