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Kim, Gold Medal at Muju!Shim, ‘Cute’ gold medal

Korean Star Tae-hun Kim (M-54kg) won his third gold medal at the 2017 Muju WTF World Taekwondo Championships. He defeated his opponent with his overwhelming strength and kick to the face.

“Ice Princess” Jae-young Shim (F-46kg), who has competed for her second time to an international game, earned her gold medal after a quick downward chopping and roundhouse kick. She earned the spectators’ attention when she showed her cuteness right after her winning.

A Triple at the World Taewondo Championships in 18 years... Tae-hun Kim (M-54kg, L) in games.

On June 25, the gold medals earned by Tae-hun Kim and Jae-young Shim showed Korea’s pride as the motherland of taekwondo in the World Taekwondo Championships that had taken place at the T1 Arena, Taekwondon.

Kim had his lead in 7:0 with two kicks to the trunk and gamjum with Vito Della’aquila in the first round during the semifinal. In the second round, he drove his opponent out the ring with repeated attacks, and guided nine gamjums to bring a huge point gap.

In the final round, Kim earned a point from a gamjum thanks to his opponent’s front kick, and proceeded to the finals in 16:0.

In the finals, he faced the “mighty left kicker” Armin Seighalani Armin (Iran).

Tae-hun Kim ended the first round in 3:3 in a close combat. In the second round, left roundhouse kick to the face left the score at 9:5 for Kim’s lead.

Having experiences in international games, Kim continued to lead in 10:6 to achieve his triplé with the four-point-gap, washing away his regretful record in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

He earned one of noticeable records since 1995. Hyang-mi Cho earned her triplé at the 1995 Manila World Taekwondo Championships.

2nd Time at the World Taekwondo Championships. Jae-young Shim (R) earned her gold medal.

“Dead pan” fighter Jae-young Shim smiled right after she earned her first gold medal at the World Taekwondo Championships. She left the spectators with a laughter when she made a cute dance with her hips.

Jae-young Shim earned her chance of victory against Andrea Ramirez Vargas in the second round with her quick downward chopping, and earned many points in the third round to end the score at 19:6.

In the finals, she led the game in 3:1 in the first round when Thi Kim Tuyen Truong (Vietnam) made three gamjums.

Left trunk kick in the second round and right downward chop along with guided gamjums in the third round led to 18:9. She was the second Korean athlete to have earned a gold medal at this Championships.

She has risen to the international level after overcoming the tearful moments of defeat in the 2015 Chelyabinsk World Taekwondo Championships.

On the third day of the Championships (June 26), Dae-hun Lee (M-68kg) and Jandi Kim (F-67kg) will have their day in the competition.

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