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Dayfly ATU, Lost 55 seconds in Ho Chi MinhDiagnosis! 2nd Asian Cadet Taekwondo Championships
Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Asian Cadet Taekwondo Championships.

The rightful boasting for Korea as taekwondo’s motherland, and Korean-dominated Asian Taekwondo Union.

ATU’s errors had been shown with the game management and judgment with international referees from taekwondo strongholds including Iran, Thailand and Chinese Taipei. But ATU played dumb.

The 2nd Asian Cadet Taekwondo Championships opened in the Military Zone No. 7 Indoor Sports Stadium in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on June 6.

Man-jae Oh (KOR, M-41kg) won the first medal for Korea. His 55 seconds in the second round, however, had disappeared. For the Hui-chan Yang (M-33kg), false three points were given for a kick that didn’t even come near the waistline. Yang lost by a point.

Moreover, a change to the schedule of the three-day competition was informed by a piece of paper. Even more, the face guard for the young players had been urgently airlifted from another country a day before the first day.

The dust piling ATU’s website has no real information for use. Dayfly like ATU’s games management of referees and education is becoming a serious issue.

Lost 55 seconds... All 6 referees noticed not?

Man-jae Oh had kicked Mohammad Othman in the chin with the left leg in 58 seconds before the second round’s end.

Three points were given as determined by the referees as the electronic head gear wasn’t used. The main referee gave a gamjum to Othman for complaining, and the Jordan coach requested for a video replay.

It was Jordan’s request to replay the portion on Oh’s kick to the face. The board had been showing 56 seconds, but the time kept passing for another second. As the referee had declared “break,” the game time should have been paused. The record keeper, however, let the rest 55 seconds pass.

The referee yells “Continue” after the video replayed ended. “Continue” should be only used during the games, but not when it is paused. As the referee had acknowledged that the second round had not ended, he yelled “continue.”

The time passing even during the rest time after the decision from the video replay had been made. The record keeper must also adhere to the referee’s commands such as “continue” and “begin.” As for this, the referee had “continued” onto the third round without any resting time between the two rounds.

The game ended in 14:2 with Man-jae Oh’s victory. But Jordan’s coach left the area of play without any objection.

There were four referees and two video replay personnel, who were appointed by the ATU, and had let the game pass in such way.

Upon confirming the video in regard to the lost game time, an engagement with ATU Referee Committee Chairman Jae-bong Lee. He responded, “the related six referees did not recognize the situation from the second round.”

The referee was yelling “continue” instead of “start.”

Dayfly ATU, its official website is full of dust

ATU is well-known for its dayfly-like management of the games. The game schedule had suddenly changed without any notice at the 2016 Asian Taekwondo Championships in the Phillipines.

The 2nd Asian Cadet Championships had been planned for three days from June 6 to June 8. But the days had shortened to a two-day event with the cramming of the female division.

The Freestyle Poomsae and Kyorugi had proceeded on the same day as a result of the shortened schedule. There was even a bad call by the referees. It was disputable whether it was a national competition or international sport event.

The use of the electronic head gear and face shield had been urgently determined at the representatives meeting. Due to this, the face shields were airlifted from another country to be used in the games.

There is no information abou this Cadet Championships to be found at the ATU website. There is no single poster. There is no information on the schedule, location, and competition results. Instead, the information could be found at the WTF website in the Calendar section.
ATU with many takewondo strongholds.

Referee education, minimal information on the MNAs and dayfly-like competition management must be urgently fixed and improved.

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