Update : Saturday, February 24, 2018
So-hui Kim: Discouraged after wrongful decisionMistrust for WFT referees

So-hui Kim failed to advance into the semifinals as a result of a wrongful decision by a referee in the quarterfinal of F-49kg. An experienced referee at the Korea Taekwondo Association confirmed that it was indeed a wrongful decision by the referee upon sharing the video clip of the game that had been secured on site.

This misjudgment by the referee smeared this Championships’ achievements such as the highest participation of countries (183 MNAs and 1 refugee) and first Korean President visited Opening Ceremony.

June 25, the second day into the World Taekwondo Championships that opened in the T1 Arena, Taekwondowon, Muju.

After all, So-hui Kim (Republic of Korea) has gone into the quarterfinals.

Her quarterfinals’ opponent was Yuntao Wenren (People’s Republic of China). Into the third round, Kim led by 6:5.

Three seconds before the game’s end, Kim attacked the opponent’ side, and Wenren attacked in left back kick to the trunk in return. But Wenren’s kick coincided with Kim’s right left.

After this very moment, the referee paused the game, and gave a gamjum to Kim for attacking below the waistline.

So-hui Kim and Won-jae Lee, the coach-in-second, complained to the referee’s judgment, but they were unable to request a video replay with its already used in the past. The spectators and surrounding athletes had found the misjudgment in confusion. In the meanwhile, the game went into a golden round and ended with Yuntao Wenren’s win.

WTF said, “upon the video replay, the gamjum was suitable as the referee had judged due to attack below the waistline,” in response to an explanation for the situation.

However, Korea Taekwondo Association Referee Committee’s Vice Chairman Woo-phil Chun and former Chairman Seok-han Kang had thoroughly explained, “the referee’s judgement that So-hui Kim’s first right kick had been below the waistline is a misjudgment. If there was a case for gamjum, it should have been given to the Chinese athlete for kicking below the waistline in the back kick. There shouldn’t be any gamjum to the Chinese athlete, either, as this fast-moving moment had both attack and defense for both athletes. As for the exact case, So-hui Kim should not have received a gamjum. It is an understandable case when the referee had given a gamjum for an impeding kick, but this will require a different hand signal. Therefore, the first right kick is not a case for gamjum, and the referee’s judgement is error-in-judgment.”

Kim eventually lost her third triumph at the World Taekwondo Championships, and WTF is not in middle of a misjudgment crisis.

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