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‘GREAT TAEKWONDO – Warrior of the Moon’ Opens to PublicPerformance to run 4 times every week until Dec. 31

SEOUL, Korea (July 20, 2017) – An action-packed new show, “GREAT TAEKWONDO – Warrior of the Moon,” created by the Kukkiwon, the home of taekwondo in Korea’s capital, is underway.

On July 7, the opening ceremony of the performance was held in the main gymnasium of the Kukkiwon with the attendance of around 300 people including Kukkiwon President Oh Hyun-deuk, Mayor of Gangnam Shin Yeon-hee and officials of Gangnam district.

‘GREAT TAEKWONDO – Warrior of the Moon’

Regular performances by the Kukkiwon, which is located in the southern Seoul neighbourhood of Gangnam that was made famous in Py’s 2012 mega-hit tune, have been hosted by Gangnam District since 2015. The performances have been sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Since then, a total of 53,157 domestic and international persons have visited the Kukkiwon and enjoyed 301 performances.

‘GREAT TAEKWONDO – Warrior of the Moon’ is a newly designed performance; its plot is a classic story of good versus evil. In it, 25 Kukkiwon demonstraters showcase a full range of taekwondo moves encompassing poomsae (solo forms), gyeorugi (sparring), self-defense and gyeokpa (breaking).

It is a culture and tour content in which Taekwondo and stage art is converged in a gallant and dynamic way. It is also a nonverbal performance which makes easier for any audience to understand and sympathize.

Furthermore, K-POP dance, drama, background music, lights, and videos are added to make it more attractive for the audience.

At the opening ceremony, the President of Kukkiwon, Mr. Oh, mentioned that the Kukkiwon Taekwondo Demonstration Team spent a lot of time and effort to make the performance perfect and deliver a heart-moving impression to the audience. He also added, “While enjoying the performance, I hope it would be a great opportunity for every audience to discover the various values of Taekwondo by joining the performers with your heart.”

The performance starts at 8pm, from every Thursday to Sunday until 31st ofDecember.

The ticket costs 40,000 won. Tickets are available in Interpark and TicketLink for online services. Also, it is available at the ticket box in Kukkiwon starting 2 hours before the performance.

There are also various discounts for Seoul citizens, Taekwondo majors, handicapped people, veterans, age above 65, students, etc.

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