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Kyungmin wins its first gold medal in Hanmadang2017 Hanmadang closing ceremony was held on August 1

Kyungmin University, Hyun-tae Kwak and 12players, rose to the top at the senior team division at the 2017 Anyang World Taekwondo Hanmadang.

The picture of Kyungmin University's A team which won the first prize.

On August 1,'The 2017 Anyang World Taekwond Hanmadang' ended at Ahnyang Indoor Gymnasium. Kyung-min University scored an average of 81.50 point, and they won a gold medal at the senior ⅠⅡ team division, defeating Kei-myung University, 79.40 and Young-in University, 72.10.

Kyung-min previously recorded second place in 2014 and third place in 2015. Kyung-min took their first crown, showing their themes which is specialized in South Korea history such as Ahn Jung-geun, Lee Bong-Chang, Yu Gwan-sun and other independence fighters in Japanese colonization of Korea.

The team competition, a flower of Hanmadang, consists of appointed taekwondo skills such as Creative Poomsae, Self-defense, One-jump kick breaking, Multiple target breaking, All-round breaking, Creative breaking and Power breaking in various ways and performs within 5 minutes and a half with 9 to 11 players, including 1 to 2 women.

In addition, in the female’s Knife hand breaking in Senior I Ⅱ, which is the first event of Hanmadang, Master Kim(Ace Seoul) topped the table, breaking 12 boards herself.

In addition, Korea's Jae-ok Park, who is the oldest participant broke 11 boards, he came just third place in spite of his efforts in the male’s Final Knife hand breaking.

On the other hand, Hanmadang, which was held between four days from July 29, closed with a closing ceremony held at 3:00 pm on August 1.

Kukkiwon presented a plaque of appreciation to those who was devoted to the success of the closing ceremony including the Mayor of Anyang, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Chairman of the Safety Administration of Anyang, and the general manager of Woori Bank in Korea.

The picture of a award ceremony of domestic team competition.

Anyang also awarded the honorary citizenship certificate of Anyang to Oh Hyun-deuk, the president of the Kukkiwon; Oh Dae-young, the general secretary of Kukkiwon; and Choi Jae-moo, the secretary general of organizing committee.

The 2018 World Taekowndo Hanmadang will open in Jeju.

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