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Taekwondo in the smart age, Imagine the FutureThe 7th Global Taekwondo Leaders Forum Seoul 2017

'The 7th Global Taekwondo Leaders Forum Seoul 2017’ was held for the purpose of foresting the academic exchange among Taekwondo leaders from around the world who have gathered together to discuss the vision and future of Taekwondo at Harmony Hall, Intercontinental COEX in Seoul on August 2.

The picture of The 7th Global Taekwondo Leaders Forum Seoul 2017.

Accompanied by around 600 audiences from different countries that included Kukkiwon President Hyeun-deuk Oh, World Taekwondo Committee Chairman Kook-Hyun Jung, Seoul Sports Policy Division Director Choi Han-cheol, Seoul Metropolitan Council members, and others participated in this forum.

The forum was presided over by the director of Kukkiwon Research Institute.
Professor Kwang-su Cho, Graduate school of Information, Yonsei Univ, firstly delivered his keynote lecture, 'Taekwondo in the Smart Age, imagine the future.'

Professor Cho extended his lectures on five specific topics, △The Change of Paradigm △The Internet of things △Artificial Intelligence △Branding UX Business Modeling with second-generation △CODA.

Professor Cho emphasized, "In order to lead the future of Taekwondo industry more progressively, it is necessary to improve the satisfaction of user through psychological quality and brand image,” Cho said. “And it is need to understand the fast-changing world through User Experience(UX) for normal people."

Following Cho’s keynote lecture, 'The way of Sports development through IT industry' by professor Ju-eun Ahn, Human Movement Science of Seoul National University; ''The way of measuring Poomsae movement through analysis of video data by Ki-won Park, Team manager at Korea Productivity Center; 'The way of P&R and management of Taekwondo clubs through SNS/Web by Dae-jung Kim, Mudokorea company; and 'Current technology & future vision of the ICT convergence Taekwondo by Jin-jae Lee, Zemita Inc. were delivered.

Kukkiwon president Oh said, “I analyzed the relation of Taekwondo and IT industry as the Fourth industrial Revolution is socially initiating, then I tried to make a place for public debate,” Oh said. “This forum will be the place to discuss and illuminate the relationship of modern sports and IT industry to find out the way to broaden its value throughout the world.

Kukkiwon, Seoul Metropolitan City and Seoul Sport Council jointly created the forum.

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