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Dae-hoon Lee 'The day of Vengeance', The perfect revenge match in Moscow GPKorea's So-hee Kim and Ah-reum Lee met in the finals, Ah-reum Lee got her first GP title

A Taekwondo Titan, Dae-hoon Lee(KOGAS, Korea) took the gold medal with perfect revenge maches by winning the Semi-final and final games at the Moscow World Taekwondo Grand Prix Series 1.

In the final of the female -57k, MUJU World Champion and MVP, Ah-Reum Lee got her first Grand Prix title against So-hee Kim with Lee's excellent kicks to the trunk protector.

The semi-final game of Dae-hoon Lee(left).

On the final day, Korean players ended the finale of Moscow 2017 World Taekwondo Grand Prix Series 1 at the USK CSKA Basketball Arena.

In the quarterfinals of men’s 68-kilogram, Dae-hoon Lee reached the semi-finals in top condition, winning Korea's Seok-bae Kim by a huge margin.

The semi-final opponent was Ahmad Abughaush from Jordan who beat Lee in the quarterfinals of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

In the rematch between two players who met in a year, Abughaush was tied up by Lee's overwhelming skills.

Lee allowed two punches earlier in the game, but he began to take a lead in the game with several combined kicks to the trunk protector started with landing his left kick to the trunk protector.

Lee achieved dominance over Abughaush by landing his fantastic kick to the head, punch and a right Narae kick to the head. Lee went to the final with a 19-7 to victory.

In the final game, Lee played against ALEXEY DENISENKO from Russia, who beat Lee two times at Grand Prix Series.

Lee took a lead, landing his kick first to trunk protector and extended his lead by getting the point with his left back kick to trunk protector in the first round.

Lee managed to outplay Denisenko by landing six straight kicks to the trunk protector and finished 14-1 in the first round. He finally grabbed his sixth gold, winning the second revenge match with a 18-11 victory at the Grand. Prix.
Another hero is Ah-reum Lee who is women's -57kilogram.

The semi-final game of Ah-reum Lee(right).

In the quarterfinals, Lee took on a competitor Skylar PARK(Canada), Korean-canadian Taekwondo rookie. Lee got quite serious hurt in her mouth by Park's foul punch, but Lee did show her energy more and went to the Semi-final, finishing 36-14 to Lee.

Lee defeated Raheleh Asemani who is originally from Iran but now fights out of Belgium. Lee succeed landing a series of kicks to the trunk protector, finishing 26-6 to Lee and Lee competed with Korea's So-hee Kim in the final match.

Ah-Reum Lee(Korea) is MUJU World Champion(MVP) and So-hee Kim(Korea) is also a gold medallist at the Puebla World Championships.

Both of Koreans opened the game carefully with their front kicks because they know each other well as a colleague in Korean National University of Physical Education.

In the first round, Lee landed accurate left kick to Kim's trunk protector and in turn, Kim closed the gap taking the score with her right kicks in the second round.

However, in the final round, Lee kept the gap, landing more kicks, and she grabbed the gold medal at the Moscow World Taekwondo Grand Prix Series 1.

Two Koreans, Ah-reum Lee(right) and So-hee Kim(left), who shared gold and silver medals.

In the Grand Prix series, Korea had the best results ever, winning two golds (Ah-reum Lee, Dae-Hoon Lee) and one silver (So-hee Kim) in the last day.

The total of fifteen players participated in GP and ten players got award, Tae-hun Kim(men's -58kg), Dae-hoon Lee(men’s -68kg), Ah-reum Lee(women's -57kg) are gold medals, and Kyh-don In(men's +80kg), So-hui Kim(women's -49kg), So-hee Kim (women's -57kg), Bich-Na Kim(women's +67kg) are silver medals, and Hun Kim(men's -80k), Hae-ri Oh(women's -67k), Da-Bin Lee(women's +67kg) are bronze medals.

The first World Taekwondo Grand Prix Series successfully closed in Moscow, and the next Grand Prix Series 2 will take place in Rabat, Morocco on 22-24 September 2017.

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