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A Poomsae world beater is South Korea, Summer UniversiadeSouth Korea won three golds, one silver... The new event ‘Freestyle Poomsae’
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South Korea’s Poomsae team raise its status by winning a total of four medals, including three golds and a silver at the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei.

The finals of Women’s Team gold medalists, So-jeong Park, Ji-Hye Yun and Yeo-won Gwak(From left) at the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei.

South Korea won golds in men’s individual Poomsae, women and men's team poomsae and a silver in mixed pair Poomsae at the two-day “2017 World Summer Universiade” in Taipei City, Taiwan.

Korea’s Chang-hyun Oh of Young-in Univ registered the first gold medal.

Oh’s gold medal was expected from his preliminaries taking first place among the 12 players by scoring 8.330 points and he won first place again among 14 players by scoring 8.167 points in the Semi-Finals.

The 5th of 8 finalists, Oh topped the finals by scoring an average of 7.913 points including both of top scores, 8.23 points from Pyongwon Poomsae and 8.23 points from Freestyle Poomsae.

The gold medals continued in women’s team Poomsae and men’s team Poomsae.

In the women's team Poomsae, Yeo-won Gwak and two Korea National Sport University players, So-jeong Park and Ji-Hye Yun, successfully advanced to the finals by scoring the highest point 8.067 and in the finals, they took the highest score again, 7.900 points including 8.16 points from Taeback Poomsae and 7.50 points from freestyle Poomsae.

Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and other countries were not enough to beat South Korean, Yeo-won Gwak, Ji-Hye Yun and So-jeong Park.

In the men's team poomsae, Jong-beom Bae of Cho-sun Univ, Jeong-hun Jo of Korea Nazarene Univ. and Ho-chul Ji of Ga-chon Univ. breezed into the finals by scoring the highest point 8.130. In the finals, they gained 8.16 points from Pyongwon Poomsae and 7.40 points from Freestyle Poomsae.

The finals of Men’s Team gold medalists, Jong-beom Bae, Jeong-hun Jo and Ho-chul Ji(From left).

South Korea men's team won a gold medal after beating other competing nations with an average of 7.860 points.

In the mixed pair Poomsae, Min-seo Kang of Kyung-Hee Univ. and Hwa-Kyung Jeong of Korea National Sport Univ. finished in second place following Taiwan.

South Korea, Min-seo Kang and Hwa-Kyung Jeong, advanced to the finals by gaining the highest points 8.017, however, the gold medal was given to Taiwan who scored 0.04 higher points than South Korea.

South Korea, Ji-eun Choi(Women’s Individual Poomsae), overcame her injury and advanced to the finals, but she reached the seventh place with an average 7.233 points including 8.03 points from Taeback Poomsae and 6.03 points from Freestyle Poomsae.

Meanwhile, ‘Freestyle poomsae’ was introduced to the new Taekwondo event. The event sequentially performs a designated official Poomsae and freestyle Poomsae with prepared music.

Freestyle Poomsae attracted big attention especially from mixed pair and team Poomsae because of its fancy kicking, although the average points lower than official Poomsae.

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