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Taipei to host the 2018 Grand Prix and Poomsae Championships[Interview - AN-CHIN HSU, President of Chinese Taipei Amateur Taekwondo Association]
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An-Chin Hsu, President of Taipei Amateur Taekwondo Association, appears his confidence, as he successfully managed the 2017 World Summer Universiade in Taipei from August 19th to 30th(Taekwondo 20-26).

He proved with his success in the Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade that the 2018 World Taekwondo Grand Prix and 2018 World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships will be the best competitions ever.

He has entered the taekwondo field since he was the head of Taipei Taekwondo national team at the 1999 World Taekwondo Championshi in Canada. He was fascinated by the fact that taekwondo trainers have respect for their teacher and they know what is manners.
He is known as cool man throughout sports fields. The interview went smoothly because of his brilliant talk.

The interview was taken at the Taoyuan Arena which was held Taekwondo competition.

AN-CHIN HSU, President of Taiwan Taekwondo Association.

Q. Congratulations on being a member of the executive committee at the general meeting of World Taekwondo on June. Is your position in WT effects on Taipei Taekwondo?
▲ Of course, it is. It gives positive effects on Taiwan Taekwondo to work at WT as President of Taiwan Taekwondo Association. In addition, I have a big responsibility for various issues such as politic matters and projects to promote and persuade both Taiwan and World Taekwondo. This position made me work twice as hard to promote taekwondo throughout the world.

Q. When do you start to work for the Taipei Amateur Taekwondo Association, and would you like to be the President again?
▲ I was appointed on May, 2011. I was the head of Taekwondo national team at the 1999 World Taekwondo Championship in Canada, and it was the beginning of taekwondo in my life. This position is my second consecutive term. It is the first time to serve second term in the history of for the Taipei Amateur Taekwondo Association. Taekwondo is really attractive martial-art. If Taiwanese support me, I want to try again. However, it is prevented by the regulation of Taiwan Taekwondo to serve a third term. I will support and keep in touch with the association after finish my term, about 30-month later.

Q. What is the most rewarding work in the Taipei Amateur Taekwondo Association?
▲ Card system’s Implementation is my most worth work among other good works, such as holding big Taekwondo championships. More than 2 million people are doing Taekwondo in Taiwan, and It will increase exponentially. We needed systematic approach to operate our complicated Association. When put one’s card on the device, he is able to know every information, such as a referee grade, training date, and so on.

Q. Is there some reason why you decided to host two major events, the 2018 Taipai World Taekwondo Grand Prix and the 2018 World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships in a row?
▲ When I decided to host these two major events, some people said, "How do you open these big championships twice?" and disagreed with me. I really want to put Taiwan Taekwondo over the top once again. At the 2004 Athens Olympics, Taiwan won two gold medals. The entire country was frenzied. It was the heyday of Taiwan. Since then, Taiwan Taekwondo has been declining. I decided to open championships for Taiwan's better future in Taekwondo. I have another plan to hold ‘World Taekwondo Championships(Kyorugi).’

Taiwan National Team who hold the second rank in Team Kyorugi at Universiade.

Q. You do your own business. Is the work of Taekwondo Association disrupting your business?
▲ That’s not true. I am in the entertainment and horse riding business with 100 horses. There is not a big trouble because of our well-made system. I am also President of the Chinese Taipei Equestrian Association. However, more than 80% of my life is making efforts to develop Taekwondo because I love it. Taekwondo is one of my family.

Q. Do you have a message for taekwondo families?
▲ Taekwondo is definitely different from other sports. People in volleyball, soccer, and baseball normally try to make an opportunity to interact with each other in their own sport, after retiring from a player or coach, but the relationship in Taekwondo is not easily broken. That's why I love Taekwondo. We should help and guide each other. Lastly, please support and cooperate with Taiwan’s two major Taekwondo competitions which will be held later in next year.

President An-Chin Hsu’s love for Taekwondo was impressed my heart during the interview.

The 2018 Taipai World Taekwondo Grand Prix and World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships will be attracted large crowds because of his enthusiasm for them.

His effort to hold two major Taekwondo events will increase the chance that Taiwan Taekwondo would reach their second prime time. I believe that Taiwan taekwondo can make its world class Taekwondo player soon.

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