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Jin-bang Yang doubles as WT Chairman of the Secretary and Technical CommitteeSong-chul Kim was appointed as Chairman of the Referee Committee
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World Taekwondo(WT) director general Jin-bang Yang of Korea was appointed as Chairman of technical committee. In addition, Canada's Song-chul Kim, the former Vice Chairman of Referee committee, was appointed as Chairman of the Referee committee. Mohamed Shaaban, the technical Chairman of Africa Taekwondo Union, was appointed chairman of the Games committee.

Jin-bang Yang who doubled as chairman of Technical Secretary committee(right), new chairman of Games committee, Mohamed Shaaban.

WT announced their new committee lists on September. 7.

Direct general, from Seoul, Jin-bang Yang was appointed as director general position on December, 2013.

Yang was leading the WT Secretariat as Chairman of the Secretary committee for two years after his term started in WT. Yang was selected again as director general of the Secretary committee when the former chairman, Kook-hyun Jeong, stepped down.

Yang's 2nd-technical chairman term focuses on successfully hosting the World Taekwondo Grand Slam Champions Series in China at the end of this year and making the generational shift in the Games committee.

Song-chul Kim was chosen to be the Referee Chairman, working in Canada. As the new chairman, Kim, has won many praises for his integrity and strong capabilities, as well as his sensible leadership style.

New chairman of Referee committee, Song-chul Kim.

Mohamed Shaaban was selected to lead the games committee.

As the new Chairman of Games Committee, Shaaban, 41, has been recognized for successfully managing ‘WT Ranking point system’, and received high accolades for his fluency in English, Spanish, Arabic, and French and communication abilities.

Sweden's Chakir Chelbat was appointed as both Chairman of the Para-taekwondo Technical and Referee committee. In addition, Philippe Bouedo, the former Chairman of the Games committee was confirmed to receive the position of Chairman of the Education committee.

Next, Korea's Dr. Dae-Hyoun Jeong of Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, who served as a medical supervisor at the 2017 Muju World Taekwondo Championships in June, was assigned as Chairman of Anti-Doping & Medical committee.

by Teak Jin, Yang  winset75@naver.com

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