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"Taekwondo positively effects on the lives of youth" Parpiev Botir Rakhmatovich, President of Uzbekistan Taekwondo Association.
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"A training Center for Taekwondo is built for winning a gold medal in Tokyo Olympic,"

Taekwondo is flourishing along with a boom in Uzbekistan, where 23 ten thousand Koreans live. The government directly supports development of taekwondo by opening the department of Taekwondo major at a national University in Uzbekistan under president direction.

Taekowndo in Uzbekistan has begun to change after hosting the 2010 World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships.

Parpiev Botir Rakhmatov, the head of National Tax Service, is President of Uzbekistan Taekwondo Association. He took the position in 2009. He also hosted the first 2010 World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships and the first WTF President Cup in Asia last August.

In addition, he built a large Taekwondo training center, which has a hotel, restaurant and swimming pool. The center took on perfect aspect to be strong in Taekwondo. Parpiev is gradually building up his achievement of Taekwondo in Uzbekistan.

Parpiev Botir Rakhmatovich, President of Uzbekistan Taekwondo Association and Director of the National Tax Service.

- What's the purpose of your visit?
▲ In August, Uzbek President and President Chungwon Choue met to open the new Taekwondo major in the National University of Uzbekistan, and they promised to admit their freshmen at the World Taekwondo President's Cup. The proposal was made by President Choue. As Uzbekistan Colleges begin its semester in October, the new department of Taekwondo should select students from next month. The main purpose of Parpiev’s visit is to discuss on curriculum of new department. Yesterday, I visited the Department of Taekwondo in Kyung Hee University.

- There is no Taekwondo department in Korea national University, despite Korea is birthplace of Taekwondo. Is there any particular reason why you established Taekwondo department at the National University?
▲ A government should act for their national interest. Taekwondo is the greatest martial arts. The best part of taekwondo is it has no boundaries for everybody. Moreover, people can learn etiquette, spirit, and patience through taekwondo. I believe taekwondo training positively effects on youth. If taekwondo trainers rightly grow up and contribute to their nations, it will be a benefit to national interest. Isn't it very appropriate for the reason why I want to open Taekwondo department

- I heard that Uzbek has built a Taekwondo training center, where can hold international event nearby famous lake.
▲ Taekwondo is an official sport in the Olympic. In addition, there are many international tournaments such as the World Championships, Grand Prix, and Open championships. National athletes will be trained systematically in the training center. The population of Taekwondo in Uzbekistan has surpassed 2million. It will increase exponentially in the future. Furthermore, our government will promote Taekwondo. That is why our National University needs to open the department of Taekwondo.

- With that being said, I give question. Since Taekwondo was chosen as the official Olympic event, it has taken five time Olympics. But, Uzbekistan still has failed to win a medal. It seems need to make strategy for Olympic Games.
▲ Our final goal is to win the gold medal at the Olympics. I’m doing my best to fulfill the dream. Our goal is already focused on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Actually, it was not possible, but just goddess of fortune was smiled on other countries. Uzbekistan is a very considerate country, He laughs. There is no further concession.

- Do you have in mind to work for the World Taekwondo?
▲ Currently, Chungwon Choue is leading World Taekwondo(WT) well without me. I have a great friendship with Choue and I always hope the development of taekwondo. I will work for the development of Taekwondo in Uzbekistan. This effort will help develop World Taekwondo and support Choue.

- Do you often watch Taekwondo, Kyorugi or Poomsae?
▲ Although I am in charge of the Uzbekistan Taekwondo Association, I'm not able to watch the international games on the spot, but I often watch the national competitions or the International games on broadcast. If I have a chance, I would like to watch the international games and support our team in person.

The World Taekwondo President Chungwon Choue(right) and Parpiev Botir Rakhmatovich,

- Lastly, do you want to say something more?
▲ I'm sure that taekwondo will become a popular sport in Uzbekistan. Of course, it needs ongoing and special support of the World Taekwondo with President, Choue. If we win a gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the popularity of Taekwondo can reach its peak. In addition, Uzbekistan President, Mirziyoyev has seven years old son. The President promised that he will make his son to learn Taekwondo. I’m sure that Taekwondo is getting popular if President's son do it. Also, I expect that Uzbekistanis in taekwondo play a big role to develop our Taekwondo Association with the spirit of unity.

Parpiev seemed to be generous and logical because of his status, which organizes national budget, and sometimes his sense of humor created an enjoyable and fun interview.

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