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Funeral held for Un-Yong Kim at KukkiwonAround 600 visitors gathered in Kukkiwon to mourn his death

The funeral of Un-yong Kim, the former vice president of the International Olympic Committee, who contributed to the globalization of taekwondo, was held at Kukkiwon.

The funeral of Un-Young Kim, the former vice president of the International Olympic Committee.

Over 600 people including Sung-chun Hong, the executive director Kukkiwon; Chang-shin Choi, the president of Korea Taekwondo Association(KTA); Kyu-seok Lee, the vice president of World Taekwondo Federation(WT); Jung-heon Kim, the secretary general of Taekwondo Promotion Foundation; Ser Miang Ng, IOC Executive Committee Member; Seung-min Yoo, IOC Member; Tae-kang Roh, Second Minister of the Ministry of Culture; bereaved families, and some important figures of the world of politics, sports and taekwondo families.

Mr Hong, the chairman of Kukkiwon, mourned over the death of Kim with the words, "The memory of the deceased who devoted solely to the development of taekwondo will remain deep in the hearts of taekwondo families in the world and it will be eternally cherished."

On behalf of the government, Mr Roh, the Second Minister of the Ministery of Culture, said in his oration, "You made our starting point for Korean sports diplomacy and our future direction. We want to convey deep condolences to taekwondo families, who you loved, and to all people in sports."

Ser Miang Ng from IOC Executive Committee subsequently memorized that "Saying farewell to him is sad, but we have to honor his full and valuable life, and remember his countless contributions to our society, our nation and our world".

A wreath-laying ceremony.

Furthermore, the flowers were offered by the bereaved family, funeral executive committee chairperson, funeral executive committee chairperson, IOC committee members, funeral committee members, taekwondo organization officials, sports organization officials and others.

After Kim’s funeral ceremony, the funeral procession circled outside Kukkiwon and left for the Sky Castle Memorial Park in Bundang(Opo-eup, Gwangju).

Mr Un-yong Kim, the former vice president of the International Olympic Committee who passed away at 2:21 a.m on Oct. 3, was born in Daegu in 1931. After he became the president of 7th Korean taekwondo Association in 1971, he founded the Kukkiwon, which was the ultimate goal of taekwondo families.

In addition to his role as a founder of Kukkiwon, he also founded the World Taekwondo Federation(Today, World Taekwondo WT.) in 1973.

Kim played an important role as a leader of the international sports on behalf of his nation, Korea, being selected as IOC member in 1986, IOC executive committee in 1988 and IOC vice chairman. He accomplished historical achievements to adopt taekwondo as an official Olympic event at the IOC meeting on September 4, 1994.

He also contributed to promote Korean Sports in the world by leading the major international events and conferences, such as 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, 1997 Busan East Asian Games and 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup.

He also helped setting up the joint march by the South and North Korean athletes at the opening ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Summer Games.

From Oct. 28 to Nov. 1, the Kimunyong Cup International Open Taekwondo Championships will be held to work toward sports development and enhancement in Korea, but he couldn't live long enough to see it.

He was a loving husband to his wife and a respectful father to his son and two daughters.
On the other hand, Kukkiwon promoted deceased Mr Kim with ten Dan of taekwondo in honor of his achievements.

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