Update : Saturday, February 24, 2018
Jeju to host Korea Open International Taekwondo ChampionshipsThe renovations of Jeju Halla Gymnasium costs about 3.5 billion won

Jeju Island will host the 2018 Korea Open International Taekwondo Championships, which is biennially held in Gyeongju.

A view of Jeju Halla Gymnasium.

The Host city was selected at the council meeting of the Korea Taekwondo Association(KTA) in Seoul on October 17th.

Since 2005, the Korea Open International Taekwondo Championships, which is World Taekwondo G2 sanctioned event, has been held biennially.

The total project cost is valued at around 1 billion won. The KTA will support 200 million won, and the remainder of the costs will be covered by Jeju Island’s financial supports, participation fees, and other sponsors.

“In the beginning, Gyeongju and Jeonbuk would bid for the 2018 Korea Open, but finally only Jeju submitted its bid,” The KTA said. “Jeju environmentally is the beat-suited place to take training camps of athletes from different countries for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.”
"We are planning to renovate Jeju Halla Gymnasium. The renovation is expected to cost about 3.5 billion won, including air-conditioning, ceiling, venue room, toilet etc,” The Jeju Taekwondo Association President said. “We will also host the 2018 World Taekwondo Hanmadang, so we’re going to launch the organizing committee to help assist with running the events in November. We will do our best to make athletes feel comfortable enough in Jeju.”

The 2018 Jeju Korea Open International Taekwondo Championships will be held around late June or early July.

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