Update : Saturday, February 24, 2018
Arrest warrant denied for Kukkiwon President and general secretaryObstruction of business and violation of political funding law

South Korean police have been denied an arrest warrant for Kukkiwon President Hyun-deuk Oh and the organization's general secretary Dae-young Oh.

An arrest warrant issued for Kukkiwon in April.

On October 20, South Korean police had requested arrest warrants for executives at Kukkiwon, also known as World Taekwondo Headquarters, over allegations of obstruction of business and violation of political funding law, but the arrest warrant for Kukkiwon was denied, pending further investigations.

Gangnam Police Station had raided Kukkiwon headquarters twice this year, once in April and once in July.

According to the police, Kukkiwon deliberately leaked exam papers to hire a certain job applicant. The applicant is the son of a man who has a relationship with former Chairman of the Board of kukkiwon Moon-jong Hong, in 2014.

A former Kukkiwon employee, Jae-won Kang, held a press conference on the leaked exam papers in July.

Kang told local media that he made an answer sheet for the certain job applicant.

Police also said Kukkiwon illicitly donated money to lawmakers, including 10 members of the National Assembly's Education, Culture, Sports & Tourism Committee. It was found in the records of the organization’s accounts.

In December 2016, Kukkiwon donated two million won each to eight employees, including the general secretary.

However, the money was later withdrawn from one bank in an hour after the money was deposited. and the police were convinced the money would be paid into the account of the lawmakers.

"We could not confirm details of the investigation, but we will watch how it turns out," an official with Kukkiwon said. "We believe donations to lawmakers were done of employees' own free will."

“The prosecutor returned the arrest warrant, which was issued by the police,” General Secretary Oh said. “I don't know the details."

The arrest warrant was rejected, but the prosecution will intensely investigate the case again.

Recently, it was uncovered that Kukkiwon and Woori Bank of Korea involved in illicit employment.

Kukkiwon made an agreement, including Poom·Dan card, with Woori bank. And most of its transactions, which was distributed, were changed to Woori Bank.

In the process, the Woori bank official recommended Kukkiwon President Oh's nephew, who applied to the Bank in August 2016 and who was recruited in November the same year.

"The reason why we set Woori bank as our main bank was a part of our business agreements,” Kukkiwon said. “And we couldn't confirm Oh’s nephew case, a private part.”

The investigators are also looking into allegations that Oh Hyun-deuk privately used Kukkiwon funds on a business trip.

As a result of the seven month investigation warrants have been issued for the arrest of both the President and the General Secretary of Kukkiwon. Considerable attention has been given to the future of Kukkiwon.

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