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Kukkiwon publish 'A Life History of Grandmaster Woon Kyu Uhm'A single path of 70 years, the Pioneer of Modern Taekwondo's Foundation

Kukkiwon published a life history book of the late Woon-Kyu Uhm, a pioneer of modern taekwondo.

The book, ‘A single path of 70 years, The Pioneer of Modern Taekwondo's Foundation’, is composed of 6 sections and 242pages, 1. Entry to Taekwondo 2. The Road of a Taekwondo Leader 3. Unification of the Taekwondo Kwans 4. Establishment of the Foundation of Taekwondo Globalization 5. Life as a Taekwondo administrator 6. On the Other Line of Taekwondo 7. UHM WOON KYU as Seen by His Juniors Disciples.

The cover of ‘A single path of 70 years, the Pioneer of Modern Taekwondo's Foundation.’

The book contains Uhm’s single path of 70 years, including his inauguration as the third Grand master of Chung Do Kwan, the foundation of the Korea Taesudo Association(currently known as the Korea Taekwondo Association), the establishment of Kukkiwon, and unification of the Taekwondo Kwans. The book also shows his inauguration as President of Kukkiwon in 2014 and the late Jong-u Lee’s death.

Kukkiwon President Man-Sun Jeong and the vice-president Hyun-deuk Oh began to write Uhm’s life history with the aim of recording Uhm’s life as a Taekwondo administrator in 2015.

Since then, the Research Institute of Taekwondo has begun to edit, and Chun-Taek Son, professor the Incheon University(a former director of the Research Institute of Taekwondo) and Sung-won Seo, a Taekwondo Box Media reporter, wrote it together led by Seo for two and a half years.

"I believe that Grandmaster Woon-Kyu Uhm' life contains all of modern taekwondo history." Hyun-deuk Oh, President of Kukkiwon, said. "I’m sure that the book will be a great lesson to his juniors and disciples, who will continue to write taekwondo history."

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