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Kukkiwon presents eight types of ‘Adult Yougupja Poomsae’(Tentative named)Taekwon Poomsae name to decide taking public comments

Eight types of Adult Yougupja(Kup-grade) poomsae developed by Kukkiwon have been unveiled to promote adult taekwondo.

Kukkiwon delivered a presentation on the result of "Adult Yougupja Poomsae", and presented eight kinds of ‘(tentative named)Taekwon Poomsae’ at its Main Building on November 14.

The Adult Yougupja Poomsae, mainly developed by the Taekwondo Research Institute of Kukkiwon(Research Institute of Kukkiwon), is divided into beginner(1-3jang), intermediate(4-6jang), and advanced(7-8jang) levels.

Kukkiwon presented its eight types of newly developed ‘Adult Yougupja Poomsae’. The picture shows demonstrations of "Adult Yougupja Poomsae".

In the beginner level, Taekwon 1jang(23motions, 30seconds) is centered on small movements, which can control the speed in place; and Taekwon 2jang(28motions, 36seconds) is centered on transition in the center of the body with Seogi and Ditgi; and Taekwon 3jang(30motions, 38seconds) is basically centered on the precise basic stances with attack and defense motions.

In the intermediate level, Taekwon 4jang(40motions, 50seconds) is consist of avoiding movements, twisting one’s body; and Taekwon 5jang(55motions, 70seconds) is consist of turning movements, which gradually increase the speed; and Taekwon 6jang(64motions, 60seconds) is characterized by connection movements that represent attack motions after defence at a time.

In the advanced level, Taekwon 7jang(50motion, 52seconds) and 8jang(45motion, 50seconds) are consist of movements, which attack far and high targets, and they are characterized by harmonious flow of movements.

In particular, the new poomsae is composed of various skills such as Biteureochagi, Naraechagi, and Dolgaechagi, considering its practicality.

Young-Hee Lee(63, 2nd dan) performed Taekwon 1-3jang, and Sun-Duck An(72, 2nd dan), and Jong-Seok Kim(68, 2nd dan) demonstrated other forms after Lee.

"The need for new poomsae is getting increased as the training motivation of taekwondo is getting diversified, according to the changes of age and environment," Kukkiwon President Hyun-deuk Oh said. “If the adult yougupja poomsae is globally distributed to more taekwondo clubs through frontline masters, I think it will be a great help to activate the field of adult taekwondo.”

The newly developed poomsae was made to diversify its classes of trainees, which was focused on the youth division.

The Research Institute of Kukkiwon started the development of poomsae based on five principles, 0. Pros and cons of the existing poomsae, 0. Allowing new poomsae movements, 0. Practicality, 0. Physical characteristic of adults.

Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo(WT), Asian Taekwondo Union(ATU), and Korea Taekwondo Association(KTA) have done their best, co-organizing ‘Task Force(TF) team’ and appointing a poomsae expert as a consultant.

The TF team hosted a public hearing and collected various opinions from experts, including frontline leaders in September.

Kukkiwon plans to gather opinions on the name of ‘(tentative named) Taekwon Poomsae’ and to focus on popularizing the new poomsae.

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