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2017 Global Martial Arts & Culture Exchange Festival opened at TaekwondowonChance to exchange various martial arts and cultures… International Conference

The 4-day 2017 Global Martial Arts & Culture Exchange Festival, which is hosted by Taekwondo Promotion Foundation, closed on November 10.

More than 3,200 people, including 200 foreign players 350 foreign students studying at Paichai, U1, and Woosuk University, officials and general public, participated in Muaythai, Hapkido, Kurash and Yongmoodo events of the festival, which started its opening ceremony on 8 this month.

The International Martial Arts conference was held at the Doyak center.

Governor of Jeollabuk-do Ha-jin Song, Secretary General of Taekwondo Promotion Foundation(Taekwondowon) Jung-heon Kim, and Chairman of Jeollabuk-do Provincial Council Hwang Hyeon participated in the opening ceremony, which was held at the Doyak center at 4pm, and World Taekwondo(WT)'s demonstration team, Iksan Performing Art Group, and the Society for the Preservation of Sippalki showed their performance.

On November 7, participants had an opportunity to see, hear, and learn about taekwondo and its spirit through ‘Experience of Taekwondo’ and ‘Taekwondowon Tour’ programs.

In addition, various programs were held to learn about martial arts and Korean traditions, including martial arts and culture exchange, Jeonju Hanok Village tour, and martial arts busking.

In particular, the International Martial Arts conference was held at the Doyak center at the final day of the festival on November 10.

The conference successfully finished, delivering ‘Educational Value and Perseverance of Taekwondo Spirit’(Professor Hyeong-seok Song, Keimyung Univ), ‘World Anti-Doping Movement’(International Sport Strategy Foundation Secretary General Joo-hee park), and ‘Martial arts and Youth’(Dr. Keon-sik Heo WMC) presentations and Q&A sessions.

“We’d like to express our thanks to Jeollabuk-do and World Martial arts Mastership Committee that they cooperated to open the 2017 Global Martial Arts & Culture Exchange Festival,” Secretary General of the Taekwondowon Jung-heon Kim said. “We’ll try to extend taekwondo to more people and force the sport to create a culture of social responsibility for disadvantaged people around the world.”

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