Update : Saturday, February 24, 2018
WT resolves National Association-centered Internationalization of KukkiwonNational association’s presidents appointed as Kukkiwon director

A delegation contract of the rights to Kukkiwon(KKW) Poom & Dan promotion test, which is centered on national associations, was adopted, and a resolution signed by World Taekwondo(WT) to appoint its five national associations as a Kukkiwon director.

More people are getting interested in how Kukkiwon will respond to the decision on the rights to KKW Poom·Dan promotion test, and how it will affect the current situation that some national associations are trying to have their own Taekwondo Promotion Policies.

The resolution for Kukkiwon was adopted at the WT Council meeting in London on October 21.

The point of the resolution is WT’s ultimatum to Kukkiwon to give the rights of KKW Poom & Dan promotion test to its national associations.

World Taekwondo Council meeting in London.

The overall atmosphere of the meeting was quite heavy.

In Particular, WT discussed that its national associations are not centrally involved in the Kukkiwon business, especially its overseas business such as Poom·Dan certification, and WT can’t force to allow people use KKW Poom·Dan certification without any documented fact.

Previously, the two organizations held a meeting to build a foundation for the overseas organization of Kukkiwon in Seoul on January 28, 2016.

Opinions on this issue divided by two, “We need to document WT’s national associations first in principle,” and “It is difficult to document. We’re able to continue our own businesses, believing each other.” in the meeting.

Both organizations have yielded no result despite they had several planning sessions.

In addition, Kukkiwon and Taekwondo field were shaken due to the news of China issuing its own Poom·Dan certification.

WT finally adopted the resolution, stipulating a related regulation that its national member associations need evidence to use KKW Poom·Dan certification and passed it to Kukkiwon on November 15.

"Kukkiwon is not affiliated with WT, but it is difficult to recommend the presidents of WT’s national associations as our director,” a Kukkiwon official said. “The word 'recommendation' is also inappropriate. It is hard to say now. We will forward our official opinion to WT in written form."

The two organizations have still different positions. WT is willing to internationalize Kukkiwon, centering on its national associations, and Kukkiwon wants to internationalize itself, using its own network through overseas business.

The adoption of the resolution is expected to have a bit huge impact.

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