Update : Saturday, February 24, 2018
Dae-hoon Lee captures third consecutive GP Final title… Jade Jones wins 3th gold2017 World Taekwondo Gala Awards and Team Championships scheduled to follow

Korean Taekwondo legend Dae-hoon Lee wrote new history. He won an unprecedented third consecutive World Taekwondo Grand Prix Final title in Abidjan.

Dae-hoon Lee, who captured the third consecutive GP Final title, competes in the semi-final.

Lee won a men’s under 68kg gold medal at the World Taekwondo Grand Prix Final at the Palais des Sports arena in Abidjan on December 3(local time).

Lee defeated Abolfazl Yaghoubijouybari of Iran by point gap in the third in the bronze medal contest. The Korean easily beat against the Iranian, succeeding his strong body kicks, 25-4 to Lee.

In the semi-final, Lee beat Taipei's Yu-jen Huang. Lee overwhelmed Huang with his right front kicks. He scored 11-3 in the first and clearly completed the match, adding more points with body kicks, 18-7 to Lee.

Lee beat against Russia's Alexey Denisenko to claim a gold medal.

Alexey scored first, but Lee returned fire with his serial kicks to the body and head. Alexey tried to force Lee, closing the gap until the 2nd round despite he was taken the lead by Lee.

In the third, both players maintained a tight gap. With a few minutes left, Lee tried to manage the time, given the two-point differentials with Lee ahead. Lee ended the game, 14-13, and captured an unprecedented third consecutive Grand Prix Final title for the first time.

Olympic gold medalist Jade Jones of Great Britain won her third time Grand Prix Final title, following by 2014 and 2016 in the women's under 57kg category.

Jade Jones, who won her third time Grand Prix Final title, competes in the final.

Jones met Russia’s Tatiana Kudashova and asserted her dominance early the match, showing her front cut- kicks and left punches. Jones extended her lead with body kicks and Tatiana's penalty, and she advanced to the final.

Jones beat Spain’s Marta Calvo Gomez, who previously defeated Canada’s Skylar Park and Korea’s Ah-reum LEE in the gold medal contest.

Jones easily grabbed five points with her right front kicks early the 1rd round. She extended her lead to 13-4, landing two kicks to the head in the third. Jones finally won a gold, ending it, 26-7.

On the same day, Russia's Vladislav Larin won the men’s over 80kg title, defeating Korea’s Kyo-don In, and China’s Yunfei Guo defeated South Korea’s Hye-ri Oh in the women’s under 67kg final.

On the other hand, contest schedules of the men’s under 68kg final and the women’s under 67kg final due to the problem of a Daedo protector in the women’s match.

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