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No problem with sock sensors… “Is Daedo electronic protector reliable?”Numerous reasons for system errors in electronic scoring system

In the female’s under 67kg final, Korea’s Hye-ri and China’s Yunfei Guo tested the accuracy of their electronic body protector at Abidjan’s Palais de Sports de Treichville on December 3.

Two women tested their electronic protectors in the female’s under 67kg final.

System errors in the Daedo electronic body protector sent people into a panic. Hye-ri Oh did not score with her kicks to the Chinese’s side trunk because the system had malfunctioned, so did not register the kicks.

"Why her kicks did not be registered?" World Taekwondo(WT) Director General Jin-bang Yang said to Daedo International CEO Chuen-wook Park. "It was not because of the electronic body protector's problem, but the Korean’s sensor within the foot,” Park responded.

Oh's electronic socks were well functioned until the semi-final. Oh changed the socks with her teammate’s one, and the Chinese changed her electronic body protector, either. But the problem was continued.

Daedo’s Park tested it himself, wearing the Korean’s socks on his hand. Then, the sign showed green right and it was working.

But the system was malfunctioned again. WT Referee Committee Chairman Song-chul Kim sent off the referees to solve this problem, and WT Director General Yang changed the final tournament schedules.

In the male’s under 68kg final, which was changed with the women’s under 67kg final, Dae-hoon Lee’s kicks were not registered in the beginning. But after a few test attempts, the system worked normally.

Why Oh's kicks were not registered? Is this because of Oh's electronic socks or Yunfei’s electronic body protector?

This is a dilemma of electronic protector systems. WT Director General Yang asked the reason to CEO Park.

Ongoing problems of electronic protectors send people into a panic.

"It is still curious. We could not find the reasons. I think there was a problem with computer(laptop)," WT Director General Yang said.

"The Korean Oh’s power and speed of kicks were weak or the electronic sock's touch point may not fit in the electronic body protector at the time of testing. It seems that various situations brought the problems. " CEO Park said.

They just responded without clear answers what real problems were. Korea’s Oh, whose eyes were moist with tears, was uncomfortable.

The registration problems of electronic protectors were continued in the Team Championships. Referees could not use the electronic scoring system for head points later the championships. But the system still interrupted the flow of games, occurring several network errors with electronic protectors.

Some people said the questions of electronic protectors were “Random Game”.

World Taekwondo needs to figure out a solution for electronic protector system as soon as possible.

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