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[VIDEO] Partner Exercises for Upper Body Flexibility상체 유연성을 위한 파트너 스트레칭
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1. Keep both arms straight behind his back and move the arms closer together.
1. 등 뒤에서 편 양팔을 가깝게 모아준다.

2. Move both elbows(Hands on waist) closer together behind his back.
2. 등 뒤에서 양쪽 팔꿈치(양손 위치는 허리)를 모아준다.

3. Put your knee at his sides and bend his upper body to the right and left.
3. 옆구리에 무릎을 대고 상체를 좌우로 넘겨준다.

4. (Cover your waist with his hands) Put your knee at his back and bring his upper body backwards.
4. (허리를 감싸게 한 뒤) 무릎을 등에 대고 상체를 뒤로 넘겨준다.

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