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‘Genius Korean’ Dae-hoon Lee win Gold Medal and USD70,000World Taekwondo Grand Slam series reaches midway
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Dae-hoon Lee(right) is landing his round kick to the head of Zhao Shuai in the male's -68kg final.

WUXI, China (Jan. 6, 2018) - Dae-hoon Lee of Team Korea has proven himself to be ‘Taekwondo Genius’, winning the most competitive competition - the second edition of the Wuxi 2017 World Taekwondo Grand Slam Champions Series.

In the male’s -68kg category, Lee captured a gold medal and USD70,000 prize money, winning the overwhelming victory against China’s Zhao Shuai - a M-58kg gold medalist at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Lee’s most difficult opponent was Rio silver medalist Alexey Denisenko of Team Russia, who met in the semi-final.

The semi-final was a very close match that went into the golden point round, finishing the third, 15 – 15.

In golden point, no scores lit up the board, but Lee’s power of kick was five points higher than the Russian, then the Korean advanced to the final.

In the final. of the category, Lee met China’s Zhao Shuai, who is impossibly taller than the Korean.

Lee was taken the first lead, but the genius fighter started to overwhelm the Chinese in the second.

Lee started to take his lead by earning body point with the right body kick, and got closer to the victory, landing his right kick to the head.

Lee succeeded in landing his back spin kick to the head, he already scored 30 points with aggressive play at the end of fourth round.

In the final, the tall Chinese looked very tired, but Lee continued hcontinued to blast forward until the time runs out. Lee was cheered by the home crowd in China.

The unbeatable Korean has won all of major tournaments of World Taekwondo from the 2016 Baku Grand Prix Final, including this perfect victory.

Dae-hoon Lee is performing his celebration with hand kiss ceremonies.

In the final of the women’s -67kg category, 2017 World Champion Ruth Gbagbi of Cote d’Ivorie defeated against Yunfei Guo of Team China.

In the male’s -68kg bronze medal contest, Alexey Denisenko beat Iran's Mirhashem Hosseini, 15 - 14 to the Russian, and the female's -67kg bronze medal went to Hye-ri Oh of Team Korea, beating Mengyu Zhang of Taem China, 32 – 13 to the Korean.

The third edition of the Grand Slam series takes place next Saturday, Jan. 13, in Wuxi with the men’s +80kg and the women’s -49kg categories being contested.

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