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Korea’s Sohui Kim, Kyodon In crowned champions at WT Grand Slam Series 32017 World Taekwondo Grand Slam Champions Series 3 held in Wuxi
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WUXI, China (Jan. 13, 2018) - Team Korea’s So-hui Kim took a gold medal and USD70,000 prize money, getting great reversal in the women’s -49kg category semi-final.

Another Korean fighter Kyodon In also captured a gold medal, scoring a dramatic body kick just before ending the men’s +80kg final match.

The final match of the women’s -49kg Champion So-hui Kim(right).

Korea’s So-hui Kim and Kyo-don In were crowned champions at the third edition of the World Taekwondo(WT) Grand Slam Champions Series in Wuxi.

In the female’s -49kg quarterfinals, Kim easily beat Min-ah Ha of Korea and advanced to the semi-final.

The Korean fighter had struggled against Yuntao Wenren of China in the semi-final.

In the beginning, Kim allowed the Chinese to get 13 points first without her point.

But the Korean "Oxygen tank" fought a very physical match against her bigger opponent, starting combination attacks to the body with kicks to the head, and tied the game with 11 seconds remaining before the end.

And Kim went to the final, landing her super left ax kick to the head right before the end of the semi-final, 19 – 18 to Kim.

Kim’s final opponent was Vania Stankovic from Serbia - gold medalist at the 2017 Muju World Taekwondo Championships.

Kim took her lead, landing her left kick to the body in the second, and the Rio Olympic gold medalist captured the gold medal and proved her experienced managing skill, ending the game, 6 – 0.

The semi-final match of the women’s +80kg Champion Kyo-don In(right).

In the men’s +80kg category, Kyo-don In advanced to the semi-final, beating Abdoul issoufou of Nigeria, who is a MVP and champion at the 2017 World Championships.

In the semi-final the Korean “bear” defeated Vedran Golec of Croatia, landing the spinning back kicks to the body, 9 – 1 to the Korean.

In the gold match, the Korean fighter met Roman Kutnekov of Russia, a champion of the Moscow Grand Prix searise 1.

In the male’s final - five, two-minute rounds – both fighters couldn’t make any point until the four round, 0 – 0. But the Korean’s left kick was dramatically landed to the body with two seconds remaining, and the bear chalked up a victory.

The men’s +80kg bronze went to Iran’s Sajjad Mardani, and the women’s -49kg bronze went to Yuntao Wenren of China.

The fourth edition of the Grand Slam series takes place next Saturday, Jan. 20, with the men’s -58kg and the women’s -57kg categories.

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