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Kukkiwon establishes Global Youth Teakwondo LeadersPlan to expand its scope of charitable activities to five continents
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Kukkiwon established one of charitable corps, Global Youth Teakwondo Leaders(GYTL).

During the inauguration ceremony of the Global Youth Teakwondo Leaders held at its Main Building at 2 pm on January 5, more than 300 people participated, including Kukkiwon President Hyun-deuk Oh, Kukkiwon employees, Leader members, and their parents.

The GYTL consisted of 233 people, including one general manager, one Secretary General, five general managers, twelve branch managers, and 206 members.

The Global Youth Taekwondo Leaders at the Kukkiwon.

The young male and female members were recruited among taekwondo kup graders from the fourth grade of elementary school to the second grade of middle school by its website(http://gytl.kukkiwon.or.kr).

The Kukkiwon, which was supported by the government to establish the corps, plans to help the young children to grow into talented people, who have a right mind and strong physical strength, and the World Taekwondo Headquarters will create next generation networks, developing a exchange System among taekwondo participants in the world.

In addition, their diverse activities will make a positive image of taekwondo, contributing to world peace and humanity. And if the members build the right values in their mind, it will help to grow into a society member, who can devote his life himself to family, society, and national development.

Speaking during the inauguration ceremony, President Hyun-deuk Oh said: "We believe it is our duty to cultivate talented people who can share and do a charitable activity themselves based on their right sense of values," and “We will try to help these prospects grow into desirable society members as a taekwondo representative.”

The members of the GYTL participated in World Taekwondo Youth Camps, which was held at the Taekwondowon in Muju, starting their inauguration ceremony at the Kukkiwon.

On the other hand, the Kukkiwon plans to expand the range of activities of the GYTL to five continents as a charitable corps.

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