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The Taegwondobu is growing up rapidly in Yangbul Elementary School.
On January 15, Yangbal Elementary School located in Yangbally, Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province.

After a few more steps, there was a fuss about somewhere. Taekwondo athletes in elementary school were training. The players wearing protective equipment that look frightened at the glance are kicking and jogging with the foot of the coach.

We would like to introduce Taekwondo department of Gwangju Yangbil Elementary School in Gyeonggi-do. Why is the elementary school team, not high school, university? A player came into the poisonous eyes In Gyeonggi Province's second round of boycotting competition held at the Namyangju Indoor Gymnasium in Gyeonggi Province on February 2. In the process of gathering information to cover the dream tree, it was also curious about the school team.

The main character who brought the reporter to the countryside is the middle school class light middleweight Lee Hyun Keun (6 years).
Tickets only are given for the first place.

I expected a fierce battle. However, it was different. From the first game to the semi-finals, he decided all the matches in the second round with his face, body and various attack powers. He also scored a score of 10 or more and made his opponent stuck. In the finals, he beat the opponent lightly and won a ticket to the National Junior Sports Festival.

Joo Hyun-keun is dreaming of winning the National Boys Sports Festival. Ju Hyun-keun said, "I want to win a gold medal in the National Junior Sports Festival." Already, proposals to recruit students from various schools such as Song Jung, Yang Young-jung, and Bae Saeng-jung are continuing.

Lee Ho-yeon, coach of Yangbyeol Elementary School, praised "Hyun-geun is a player who has great flexibility and endurance and will be a great player in the future."

It is only five years since Taekwondo was founded in 2009. Ten players are all. I have not yet filled 11 weight classes. But it is a team that gets medals every time in national competitions.

If so, how is player supply and demand? Of course, this is the part of the coach. The coach, who has been in charge of the team since 2011, has not only lacked a player but also had a way to get it. So there is a way I found. Every morning, every school student runs a healthy run. Among them, we are searching for players who are in trouble with Taekwondo and players who have physical conditions to grow up as a Taekwondo player.

As coach came in, players started to increase by one or two. From next year, it expects to be able to fill 11 weight classes. Although it has been only five years since it was founded, as the grades continue to improve, the budget support for the school is increasing.

Rather, the school responded that it was ashamed because it lacked support. Kim Young-seok, director of physical education, said, "I am always sorry because the school can not provide much support. I am worried about how I can do more. "

The school runs a Taekwondo Autonomy Experience Class designated by the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education. Therefore, we recruit volunteers and regularly hold poomsae contests.

Taekwondo is getting bigger with Taekwondo Autonomy Experience Class but there is a worry. There is not one middle school team in Gwangju that will accept these players. Therefore, they are scattered around Seoul, Bundang, Songtan, etc.

Lee Ho-yeon coach said,"As we are scattered all over the place, we are experiencing difficulties in not being able to concentrate on training".

Yangbyeol Elementary School is a team that looks at gold medals in the National Boys Sports Festival. If we win a gold medal, we will be promoted to a national strength in five years. But there is not yet middle school to hold these. Gwangju City, Gwangju City Office of Education, and Yangbal Elementary School seem to be the tasks to solve together.

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