Update : Saturday, February 24, 2018
"Doing sport because can`t study" is an old saying. Taekwondo is also nice to be good at study.
master Um Jae-Young.

As we live my entire life, many opportunities come to us. Going to college can help to capture more opportunities and broaden our choices. As such, the competition rate for entry into Korea University is high and fierce.

What about our Taekwondo department? Taekwondo department is more fierce. Some say, 'I do not get grades, I should go to sport rather than go to school.' Do you mean you can choose Taekwondo department if you are good at sport even if your grades are bad? It sounds like you can go to university because you are good at sport.

This logic is a sophistication that is far from reality now.

To enter a famous taekwondo department, a lot of efforts must be followed. All three years of high school, there is a national competition, and there must be fierce medal competition. During this process, student suffers from frequent injuries and extreme stress.

Where is it? Because the nature of the university is high, no matter how you good at the SAT, there is no point if you do not study normally.

General candidates can rest after the SAT, but students who aim at the session usually have to prepare for the field test during the period from early January to mid-January. In addition, because there are so many excellent candidates, the probability of failing is very high if you do not study hard.

But the fruit of acceptance is very sweet. Candidates begin their studies at universities, become national representatives through academic and training, and win Olympic medals. He/she can become a representative of the sports field, or become an IOC (International Olympic Committee) member like Moon Dae-sung.

Taekwondo allows people to develop their character in the process of overcoming human limitations. You learn to be impatient who has not attacked or attacked others. In Poomsae training, endurance and deep thinking are formed.

Supervisors can gauge the excellence of Taekwondo training just by raising high profits. It is an old saying that children who can not study work out well.

Taekwondo is more difficult than studying. It could be thought that you can not do Taekwondo well if your study is bad. A lot of young people are being taught and being taekwondo teacher to be the best job in the world.

Students who practice Taekwondo will grow into a good Taekwondo sportsman in this process.

Leaders should be educated to watch the century. It is desirable to lead the students to the shore, not to the front but to the far side.

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