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Taekwondo Headquarters Kukkiwon, Pine tree in the same spot all the time.
"In the past two and a half years, It was the day that I walked step by step and loved Kukkiwon without hesitation.”

Jang Man-Soon, who was about three days left for retirement looked good even his tone was full of emotions.

I woke up early in the morning to commute from Osong station nearest to Cheongju using KTX to from Seoul station and? from Seoul station to Kukkiwon every day. In the train that goes every day, the President Jung worried about the future of Kukkiwon.

President Jung is always quiet and careful style. After a long period of judgment, President Jung makes a firm decision when it is right or in the right direction.

After two years and six months, he found his office less than 10 pyong. There were no celebration wreaths and pollen that was full at the time of his inauguration.

- Now you will leave after three days. Please tell me your testimony.

My testimonial is too simple. I can not do much more, and I feel sorry for leaving. It is the end of the term and It is withdrawing from Gukkiwon Director. I am a Taekwondo person and I will continue my life as a Taekwondo person.

- Do you remember the first thing you emphasized in the interview with Dailian and a half years ago?

I remember emphasizing harmony. At that time, the directors were at a disagreement among the directors, and the employees were in conflict. It was because the previous president did not fill the term and got off. That is why we emphasized harmony.

- Did you succeed in achieving harmony?

I have been a president of the Taekwondo association in Chungcheongbuk - do, and have experience as dean at university. At that time, we made many achievements through harmony of the organization. Based on this experience, I took up the confidence of Kukkiwon to achieve harmony. But it was not so easy to bring together the members of the team who had different thoughts and personality. But the conflict inside Kukkiwon has been improved a little. I feel like leaving a big homework to my successor.

- If you think of the achievements made as a director

I wanted to inform Kukkiwon all over the world while I was working as a director. That is, expanding the overseas base. I made the Kukkiwon Cup competition for the first time. I have been in constant contact with Taekwondo officials such as China and USA to induce overseas judging. I set the cornerstone in my own way. Especially, it is a great achievement to pass the law amendment that changes Taekwondo Teacher Qualification Requirements to Kukkiwon Certified Taekwondo in 4 stages.

- Do you have something to say to your successor?

Most organizations always ignore previous business or policy and introduce new business and regulations whenever new leaders change. Of course new businesses are needed, but the continuity of the ongoing projects is more important. I look forward to seeing these things in mind and leading Kukkiwon well.

- Don`t you have any sad point?

Of course, there were a lot of sad points. Before Kukkiwon was converted into a legal corporation, there was a sad point that the Kukkiwon and the USTC led to a lawsuit against the US Kukkiwon support contract. There was a first judgment but the USTC issued an appeal last year. We expected to be solved by conversation. I really feel sorry that I can not solve this problem.

- What is the virtue of Kukkiwon?

Morality and positive thinking. I have been teaching students in college for decades. Kukkiwon is also a taekwondo educational institution. It is not much different from school. I should be an role model to students. Positive leads to positive, negative leads to negative, and education should start from affirmative, it breeds positive results.

- Say something to Taekwondo family.

Thank you to Taekwondo and Kukkiwon families for their advice and encouragement to fulfill the mission of Kukkiwon. I will leave, but the Kukkiwon of the World Taekwondo Headquarters will always be like pine tree that does not change even if the season changes. I will find some helpful things for Taekwondo and Kukkiwon even after I finish my term.

During his two and a half years in office, President Jung did not get hung up on a corruption.

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