Update : Saturday, February 24, 2018
A fragmented friendship in front of a handful of powers
Taekwondo Association President Lee Seung Wan and Chairman Choi Chang-Shin, the two presidents have built long friendships.

There is no one who knows this fact if you are a Taekwondo person. But the old friendship was broken. The friendship that has been built up in order to hold the power of the Korean Taekwondo Association is shattered.

These two directors led the Taekwondo newspaper together. When Lee left the Kukkiwon Taekwondo newspaper, president Choi stood firmly. President Lee always thanked Choi for such a sense.

So this president would always recommend Choi for the place he deserves whether it is the World Taekwondo Federation or Kukkiwon. It was the time to keep each other together. In the Taekwondo system, there were almost no people who doubted their friendship.

However, during the election process of the Taekwondo Association in November last year, the two turned their backs. For decades friendship has been distorted to such an extent that it can not be recognized.
Choi Chang-shin started to respond with a Jang Dal-young lawyer(Chairman of KTA) as a legal representative.

The fight between the two presidents is the second act. They both know that there will be no winner and both will remain losers and suffer more. If there is a longer fight, there is no time to forgive and reconcile each other.

The moment they passed will be obviously regrettable. Even younger junior knows that, but why only two do not know ?

Rather, there will be some people who will foster conflict around. I do not think they are foolish enough to dance to the dance. As mentioned before, there is no winner in this fight. Please bear in mind that both will eventually drift away.

First of all, if they have a wide heart and forgive each other, we look forward to a beautiful appearance to reply.

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