Update : Saturday, February 24, 2018
Kim Yun-kyung, winner of the second game,
He has lived as a Taekwondo competitor from elementary school until the late 20s. Over the past 20 years, he has kicked a few hundred times a day. He wondered how he could knock out his opponent on the court.

- Why did you choose to be a police officer?
"It is true that we need clear motivation because of the nature of the police, who are obliged to protect the lives and property of the people. I wanted to do something that is always rewarding and can contribute to society. In the meantime, I learned the system. So I chose this way after all my worries. "

- What is happening on the constabulary?
“At the end of the day, I get a variety of reports from people who are drunk, such as sexual violence, domestic violence, theft, traffic accidents, and fighting. 112 It is only going to the field to receive report contents in the general situation room and prepare for unexpected situation. This is a place where experienced police can not relax.”

- How was the police station practice?
I experienced drug task force work in the strong team. Investigations were actively underway, so they were put into the scene as soon as they joined the team. Tracing and arresting at the end of latency. I felt and learned a lot while I was with my seniors. Especially when the criminal department directly handed the suspect's newspaper and handcuffed, he crossed the crime. I felt something like a holy burden while exercising authority emanating from the state.

- What department do you want to work for?

There are still a few indirect experiences of the police, the detective team, and the strong team in the police department. I just want to be a good police and learn right from the beginning in the chosen department.
- Taekwondo player experience is likely to help police life?
In fact, police do not seem to have much use for kicking (laughs). As a Taekwondo player for 20 years, I have experienced a lot of training, challenge, frustration and joy. What we have gained in the process is a solid muscle attached to the body and mind. I believe this strength will be used well in the right place.

- What police do you want to be?
I am now working as a patriot, trying to do my best in small things. And I hope that all of them come together so that everyone who crosses me will not be disturbed. I want to be a police officer who does not make people unfair.
- A word to the juniors who want the police?
If you want to choose this route, it would be better to draw a clear picture of why you should do it beyond the police goal. I hope that I can do my best in preparation and be a good police. For reference, I am still an awkward fledgling police in the police uniform.

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