Update : Saturday, February 24, 2018
Taekwondo Competition Improvement Committee, the main problem was?
Why is Korean Taekwondo Association (Chairman: Seung-Wan Lee, KTA) Competition Improvement Committee not doing the Jegusil? The fundamental problem is that all members can not discuss together freely.

When the meeting begins, some elderly committee members usually give their opinions. The remaining disciple young members only make passive decisions to agree. The first thing that needs to be improved is the atmosphere of a meeting where people can freely talk their thoughts and decide on policies democratically.

In total, 9 members of the committee. Yu Young Nam, director of Samsung S1, and Moon Won-jae, professor of Korea University, are vice-chairmen. The national team's supervisor and the national representative team are ex officio members, and academics, leaders and journalists are included. Although various members are distributed, most of them are from Taekwondo players and there is a certain vertical relationship between them.

Young committees are obliged to see the secretaries of KTA secretariat, chairperson, and vice chairperson in the 5th to 60th grade. It is because it has enough influence to be able to directly benefit or damage it. Since they spent a long time on the court as a leader during my athletic career, the conversation between each other has also been stiffened up and down.

There is no expectation that the young commissioners will freely express their views and will make a comeback. If you can not speak confidently, it is right to start the committee from the beginning. However, many Taekwondo people have adapted to this culture, which has long been established by convention.

As a matter of fact, the Secretariat seems to ignore the tendency and consider their decision to be a formality.

In recent years, KTA has sent written resolutions to the committee members. It is about changing the national training partner, but the list has already been confirmed. There is no explanation as to which grounds and standards were selected for the training partner to be replaced. At the bottom of the document were the consent and objection, and the signature lines were empty. It means we only have to sign it because we took it out well.

It was an embarrassing situation to decide consent and objection without knowing the contents. A few days later, the same written resolution came back. The training partner list was modified. There was no explanation as to why it was modified, nor what criteria were applied.

Some members of the committee, including the chairman, are presumed to have been informed in advance. If not, it would have been a strong protest against them first. Taekwondo people who are well aware of this inner atmosphere are no longer expecting the right choice and policy decision on the trend.

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