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In-jong Lee’s Beautiful Challenge as “Housewife, Policewoman, Age 36”
In-Jong Lee participated in the 2016 President's Cup of Korea Taekwondo Association.

Putting aside her police uniform, she fastened her black belt. She, once again, reaches for the Gold Medal at the World Taekwondo Championships.

Policewoman In-jong Lee unbelievably returns to the game.

Her name was found on the match list for the Female ?73kg of the National Team Selection for the 2017 World Taekwondo Championships that had been announced on February 10. Everyone was surprised by her return as athlete, who had entered the Police Academy last June upon her retirement from the ring.

Her last game was the Korea Taekwondo Association’s President's Cup from last May. Her smile with a Gold around her neck marked her retirement as an athlete. She turned her sail key to becoming a policewoman upon entering the Police Academy in June. Having successfully passed her 8-month training, she is awaiting her graduation on February 17.

On January, she received the recommendation to participate in the Championships. The Korean National Policy Agency asked for her final intent to participate. All had been unexpected, considering that “the Taekwondo chapter in life had ended…” A thousand emotions crossed her mind.

The 36-years-old passed her third wedding anniversary, a gap of 7 months filled her void. Her mind, however, was uncontrollable. She closed her eyes to repose for a second. And she tells herself, “Let’s do it again.” She decided to compete in mid-January with less than a month left before the Championships.

She is unable to miss her duty at the police station as an intern. She can only prepare for the Championship after her daily duty ends. She trains her muscles and strength after working out her joints. She sparred at the Jeju Highschool for her allowed time.

The weight category of Female ?73kg that Mrs. Lee plans on competing this year has numerous contenders. Her juniors such as Rio Olympics Gold Medalist Hyeri Oh (Chuncheon City Hall), Da-bin Lee (Korea National Sport University) and Mi-na Myoung (Sungmoon Highschool) are expected to compete in the same weight. Every match is a mountain to be climbed, as always.

There has been a commotion once the match list had been released. Mrs. Lee’s participation had been unexpected. She had shown an exemplary achievement even before her retirement. Perhaps for that very reason, many are focusing on Female -73kg.

Her participation in the Championship despite her achievement is a good show of self-management and mentality

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