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A gifted middle school student Cho Na-hyun, 'Taekwondo is my life'
Cho Na-Hyun

‘Is she a gifted physicist who has trained for 10 years?’

The main character is Cho Na-hyun? (15, 3rd grade, Dongbaek Middle School) who passed the Seoul Science High School this year.

Na-hyun said she did not reduce the time spent in Taekwondo training until the end even when she was at the center of intense competition for entrance examination.

Na-hyun is still looking for a taekwondo club, saying that she will acquire Taekwondo leadership qualification.

Na-hyun who looks cute like children found her first seal at age 6. First, she started to learn Taekwondo, followed by her brother. Since I was young I started to practice Taekwondo because the exercise enhances the quality of life but my parents' education played an important role.

Joe Na Hyun's mother, Kim Mi-kyung (46) said, "It was an early age to start taekwondo, but she did not show any aversion, and her brother spent the training together so she did not worry about it."

Na-hyun has been exceptionally curious and intelligent since she was a child. The speed of learning Taekwondo was fast and the skill was very high, so She won many prizes in various competitions. She gained physical strength from natural talent and Taekwondo field and grew up to be an excellent child in all aspects including learning.

She was able to enter the school one year early because of her outstanding achievement in all aspects, when she was in her senior year, she took the role of chairman of the school and showed herself to be far ahead of his peers in his studies and leadership.

However, she started Taekwondo by her parents' invitation, but it was herself that she found the value and importance. Na Hyun said, "I can increase my physical strength.

Poomsae and meditation gives a sense of security of mind. When I learn self-defense that can protect myself, I feel confident” and she listed the benefits of Taekwondo. It means that you can concentrate on studying for a long time if you are supported by physical strength like the cornerstone that protects the load of the building.

Bae Yu-cheol (Yongin Backhoe Taekwondo Club) who taught children for nearly 10 years said, "I am proud and happy because she has been studying hard for a long time and has gone to school where she want to study" and "If I look at Na Hyun, I think it is more important to establish physical strength and inner bases than schoolwork"

It is a great pleasure for Taekwondo organization to pass Na Hyun's Seoul Science High School. The Yongin City Taekwondo Association Steering Committee and Yongin University Gyeonggi Alumni Association agreed to pay scholarships.

Na-hyun who has already acquired the highest level for youth is preparing to acquire the Taekwondo leadership qualification recognized by the government soon after receiving the leadership training.

Na-hyun's dream is to win the Nobel Prize for Physics, saying that she can practice Taekwondo on weekends only after she goes to high school.

"Physics is my dream, and Taekwondo is my life. I will do my best in both study and taekwondo for dreams and life. "

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