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Youngest Member of the National Team, Ji-min Park, ‘Unexpected Attack from the 6′2″’
Ji-min Park attacks Kang-min Cho for the final selection of Male -63kg at the 2017 National Team Final Selection.

As he won his first match in the Final Selection, Ji-min Park made a formal deep bow to this director on the court. The spectators were dubious as to Park’s action.

Soon after, the referee and Park’s colleagues told him that the game has yet to end.

The athlete grimaced upon collecting himself. He resembled a disappointed child who has not received his gift from Santa on Christmas. Those who saw Park’s expression burst into laughter.

Park had forgotten that he had to win 2 matches in a row to become the winner through the death match. But his disappointment was only temporary. The athlete eventually earned his title to the National Team upon winning in the next match by a huge gap in the score.

As proudly as he can ever be, Park did a deep bow to his director Bong-seop Lee again. This was a real, meaningful one. Upon receiving the bow, the director firmly hugged his pupil out of joy.

Male ?63kg, Ji-min Park (Inpyung Automobile Information High) has joined the National Team as the only high-school student at the ‘2017 National Team Final Selection’ in the Halla Gymnasium, Jeju on February 22.

Granting the ridiculously laughable situation with the athlete’s two winning ceremonies and running about in confusion, his competitiveness and capability was beyond expectation. He was found to have prospect in the hands of right direction.

It is highly difficult to find any athlete in ?63kg with a height of 6 feet and 2 inches in the country and abroad. The attack to the head with the long legs is powerful enough. Having to raise the leg less to make a roundhouse kick to the trunk, the athlete can put forth more force in the kick. He is optimized for earning points in the game.

Park began his career as a Taekwondo athlete late in his third-year middle school. It was his mother who had given the opportunity. “I didn’t study at all and caused so much trouble. It was my mother’s intent for me to practice Taekwondo to get a grip on myself.”

He went onto the Inpyung Automobile Information High without having earned his 1st Poom. Was this for having starting Taekwondo late? His talent in Taekwondo didn’t easily show. His Director, Bong Seop Lee continued to put Park into the matches. There were no visible results through his first and second years of high school. He suffered a setback as there was no hope to be found even with all his effort.

It was his Director, yet again, who had placed him back on the court. He didn’t want his pupil end up in failure and wandering-around. He had a prospect for Park and his talent down the road.

His first win was a bronze medal from the Woosuk University President Cup. After he was selected as a member of Incheon Team for the National Athletic Competition, Park began to earn his fame with his first silver medal. Many players have fallen against Park since then.

“My dream came true. I will be going to the World Taekwondo Championships. My next goal is the 2020 Tokyo Olympics,” he stated while gasping for air after his winning streak in the National Team Final Selection.

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