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"Taekwondo is not interesting", It might be our own prejudice.

"Taekwondo became bored with the introduction of electronic scoring and point system"

2016 Rio de Janeiro is the overall view of the Korea Press on the Olympic Taekwondo competition.

In a nutshell, Taekwondo is boring and uninteresting.

Not only the press but also Taekwondo people have this perspective.

If so, do you think Taekwondo is not interesting in many other countries except Korea? Absolutely not. As we cover the various international competitions held in foreign countries, we can often see the audience crowded and enthusiastic about each athlete's scores and movements.

However, they do not know exactly the rules of Taekwondo competition.

Only the winner and loser must be clearly distinguished, and the winner enjoys the process of being a hero of the crowd. Rather, since the introduction of the Electronic Impact Detection, foreign audiences are more enthusiastic. It is because of the fair competition that can not be compared with when wearing general Impact Detection.

It is quite different from the 4 ~ 5 years that have been driven to the exit crisis because of the unfair decisions. When using General Impact Detection, victim mentality disappeared in the face of an athlete and a leader coming out in a game. So the audiences can really enjoy the game and beautiful appearance that loser congratulates the winner can be seen.

On the other hand, the scene in which the athlete dissatisfied with the decision at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and used a General Impact Detection attacked the referee has spread throughout the world. In addition, the audience was haunted by the dissatisfaction with the decision. The game against Korea was even worse.

Of course, there had been a big action in the past. But globally, the athletes' skills were leveled. Further, it is hard to expect big action anymore. As athletes' skills are leveled, their action is smaller and their speeds are faster. Not only Taekwondo but all sports are same.

In addition, the modified technique is developed according to the skill improvement of the opponent in the equipment change, strategy and tactics are changed.
If you take this as an observing points, you can see an interesting Taekwondo game. The audience can feel the exciting process of looking at those changes. We can not escape the prejudice that we only say that Taekwondo is not interesting.

Ryo Chung-won, Chairman, Performance Improvement in Taiwan(By 2014, Taiwan taekwondo general manager ) emphasized, "I can not agree with the claim that the game is not interesting after the introduction of the Electronic Impact Detection".

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