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A Walk on the Awakening of the Early Spring

A Walk on the Awakening of the Early Spring

Spring has yet to show itself. The winter’s final cold breeze as a weapon before its retreat….

I visit Jangji Creek to listen to the singing of morning after the awakening in the early spring. Trees refined their colors, and morning dews on the reeds lucidly welcome the blooming of the spring flowers.

As the long winter seemed everlasting, it darts in fast pace as the spring’s messengers stretch themselves in awakening here and there. It dares with the cold breeze in hopes of lingering, it eventually concedes to spring in vain.

Only if some figures from Taekwondo would not result to artifice in grasp for meaningless power and submit to reason just as the nature follows its course into the next season.

Spring is upon us

Numerous people walk, run and ride bicycles along the Jangji Creek toward the Han River. As I find excitement in this and that like a curious child, an old man runs beside me.

I follow after the running-old-man. And I make a stop. When I look down at my stomach, I am not able to see my feet as much as my arms and legs are sagging with chunks of meat.

I run again in another group of old men. One old man asks, “Why is a young man like yourself not running and just walking?” I let it go with a smile.

I find myself heated up in my jumper. It seems burdensome after all the walk. After all, I had been walking for 45 minutes. I take off the annoying jumper, and begin to listen in on the random talks by the old men. One man gives a talk about Taekwondo from his youth.

“Today’s children are frail. My grandson learned some Taekwondo, but he doesn’t know how to do anything. In my days, we would learn Taekwondo on some frozen ground in bare feet even in the winter…” It sounded as if it was custom-made for my listening.

My lungs begin to feel the cold air just after 10 minutes of taking of the jumper.

It was refreshing to take a stroll and listen to talk about this-and-that, but the winter that had been reluctant to move on made me uncomfortable?more because it resembled the Taekwondo community.

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