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‘Game Fixing’, Sugar Coated as Kindness and Concession
Individuals refer to it as an act of goodwill, as a concession and, of all, for the greater good. Whether goodwill or justification, it is reflected as match fixing in the eyes of the public and rule-of-law.

There had been a strange happening in quarterfinals of high school event at the Incheon Individual Championships last year. Winning athlete’s coach threw his white handkerchief onto the contest area in the third round. This is normally done for athlete who is either losing the game or injured. Those around the match were dubious as the victory went to the other athlete.

This regional competition is open to participation for school students from Incheon, and it has no effect on the college admissions. As for this fact, one can only see new players and not any athlete at the national team level.

The story was found upon inquiring the situation and those involved in it. The coach from High School ‘A’ and other coach from High School ‘B’ had had close friendship. They had deliberately let the player, who had been in dire circumstances at home, from the ‘B’ school win for the tuition waiver and motivation purposes.

Is this a praiseworthy episode of a teacher’s wrongdoing for his student? Definitely not. It is simply a game fix. Student from ‘B’ school would not want to permanently carry the burden. Student from ‘A’ school is also disappointed for withdrawing from the match for which he had not intended.

A wise instructor had once said, “There is no unworthy competition for the athlete. All competitions are as important as the National Team Final Selection and the Olympics for junior athletes especially. Interfering with this is the instructor’s dogma.”

Any external influence that interferes with the win and lose of game is considered manipulation in sport.

The government has taken stronger measures to penalize for game manipulation in sport. According to the Korea Sport & Olympic Committee’s policy, anyone may be expelled from competing in the sport as a disciplinary measure in its maximum sentencing. This is comparative to a death sentence for any instructor who has gone through the years as an athlete.

The government’s policy was exactly applied in this case. The Incheon City Taekwondo Association has expelled both coaches, and the prosecutor’s office has indicted them.

All unfair acts have their reasons. They are variant, ‘in order to select an athlete with potential for the Olympics, due to family circumstances, for the college admissions, just this once’. Unreasonable minor acts lead eventually lead to the game manipulation without any regret. As much as any vice in society begins with versatility.

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