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‘Roaring wolf, dashing as a tiger’, KTA Security Committee
The influence of the Security Committee in the arena is the hot topic of discussion among many this year. Some criticize the influence of the Security Committee’s Chairman as a roaring wolf that is dashing like a tiger.

There erupted a dispute between the Security Committee and Referee Committee during the ‘2017 National New Face Championships’ on March 16.

The Security Committee relocated the referee section from its own floor to the stand for the venue had been overwhelmingly packed. The referee section was returned to its floor upon internal meeting through the Technical Committee as it seemed to be unsuitable for the referee section to be placed near the athletes and their guardians in the spectator stand on the second day.

The Security Committee, however, continued to control the Referee Committee in organizing and relocating the referees’ shoes and their pouches. The voice began to be heard. The referees began to complain with comments such as ‘with what authority will the referees be shoved around like this’ and the venue became troubled and disorderly. Secretary General Il-nam Oh and Referee Committee’s Chairman mediated in support of the referees, but it was an indecent incident.

There had been numerous rumours about the abuse of authority by the Security Committee at Jeju Peace Taekwondo Championships and National Team Final Selection in last February. The complaint was?the Chairman of the Security Committee had been scrutinizing a referee on his duty.

This is easily refereed to as a fought over pride between the two committees from the inside. But it is unsatisfying to simply accept this as a brawl.

Security, Referee, Games and Record Committees are the subcommittees of the Technical Committee that organically function as a whole at the venues. There is no need for unnecessary emotional conflict.

The Security Committee’s Chairman Kwang-hyeon Kim is a well-known close figure to the KTA’s President Chang-shin Choi. There is a settled opinion by the Taekwondo community that the two have had a courteous friendship for a long time. Mr. Kim was previously in the election camp for the current President, and he was appointed the Chairman of Security Committee since after.

In summary, it is possible to suspect that Chairman Kim is wielding and praying power from the President.

Chairman Kim did not appear in the venue on March 16 and 17. A member of the Security Committee had commented that the Chairman went to accompany the President. It is accepted to be reasonable for the Security Committee, as his duty, to accompany the President.

A sanction, or at least a criticism, must be existent within the organization, but there is no measure taken. It may be assumed that this is not brought up in a righteous manner as Chairman Kim is a close friend of the President.

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