Update : Saturday, February 24, 2018
New Heroine in Pin, Mi-jung Kim (Younggwang High)

A new heroine is born in the Pin weight category. Resilient, perceptive and strong. She is even good at defending the opponent’s attacks. This athlete torments the opponent with a cynical look. This is Kim, who has been optimized for Taekwondo match.

There was an unexpected result from the female pin category’s semifinal match for the female high first year of the 2017 National New Face Championships at the Usula Gymnasium in Haenam, Jeonnam on March 17. Mi-jung Kim (Younggwang High’s 1st Year) defeated Yuri Choi (Bucheon Information Industry High’s 1st Year), a prominent candidate.

Yurio Choi made her name since her middle school years with her Gold Medal at the Defense Minister’s Championships and Silver Medal at the National Junior Sport Festival. For this very reason, everyone forcasted for her victory.

Mi-jung Kim, however, fiercely put a stop to this. Although she had allowed the first and ambiguous point to her opponent, she showed her spirit since the beginning. She pressured her opponent with her back kick and trunk roundhouse kick as Yuri Choi showed an opening with her loose front kick. Choi’s specialty, attack to the head, failed to reach Mi-jung Kim even in the headgear. Kim repeatedly succeeded in attacking the trunk, and ended the match in a score of 9-to-3. It was a perfect win.

Mi-jung Kim, who had defeated a strong opponent, went onto the final match to meet Ji-hui Lee, the ‘fast foot’. She eventually placed a Gold Medal around her neck for her first time in a national competition. For Kim, her play in the matches were noticeable and recognizable than her overall win in this competition. Many have just begun to focus around Kim.

Having begun practicing Taekwondo since 8-years-old during her elementary school years, she was selected into the demonstration team in the dojong where she trained. After moving to Younggwang, Jeonnam in her first year of middle school, she formally began to write her own history as a Taekwondo kyorugi athlete in her second year of middle school.

Jin-young Jeong, the coach of Younggwang High School, explained that Kim is “mentally strong, clever and diligent.” She is, “an athlete with good physical conditions including stamina, reactionary force and resilience and mental strength,” evaluated the coach.

Mi-jung Kim is a fervent practitioner. Does she already know that effort brings the sweet results? She never procrastinates her training. Coach Jeong laughingly comments, “she doesn’t rest even when I tell her.”

Her another merit is her kindness. Her mind is set on caring for others. This is a strength in group life, whether this directly relates to her competitiveness. She has a decent relationships in school and members of her Taekwondo team. Because she has no trifling issues, she is able to purely focus on her training. Perhaps due to this very reason, Kim has chosen policewoman as her first choice of occupation. Her explanation that she enjoys helping others only brightens her humanity.

As with any athlete in the rise, she dreams of becoming a member of the National Team and going to the Olympics. Her ambitious goal in pursuing ‘the Gold Medal like So-hui Kim who has a beautiful roundhouse kick’ leads us to expect more.

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